Tecnam P2006T by FSS released

Personal Comments and Observations

Most complaints about useful load and speed of transit - you really need to read about what the plane being portrayed is about before you buy it. Sounds like people want the Tecnam Traveler, not the P2006T, which is intended to be a practical passenger revenue plane.These are small 100HP Rotaxes. If you wanted a fast and high twin you likely already had it with the stock Asobo DA62 which has a pair of 180HP Austro TDs.

This is a twin engine trainer,.and can do light duty as an ISR patrol craft. It’s not meant to be fast, but it is easy to fly and relatively forgiving, which is a key attribute as a trainer. Can it do travel? Sure. Two occupants and some bags, full fuel load, about 600NM at around 120 KIAS or around 140 true. And the safety of two engines and modern avionics.

Honestly a lot of folks seemed to have hit Buy without asking “Is this a plane I’d fly?” Some research beforehand alleviates Buyer’s Remorse later.

Disclaimer: I bought it, but I read about it before purchasing.


I do not regret my purchase, I just think it is slow. I bought the inibuilds BF-104, and I like that plane but hate flying it, as it is tricky to trim, pulls to the left for me!. I regret that more than this. Also when buying this plane, where on the page does it say about its IRL application?

Are you suggesting that prior to every purchase we should go research the plane as it is used IRL? Can you imagine the disappointment? Perhaps the sales page should just be more descriptive.

As for would I fly it? In the sim I will fly almost anything, the planes performance maybe lacking the systems and over experience is great, I love it. It is just not something I would pick for a longer flight.

That’s what I do. Unless I had very reasonable good knowledge about the plane beforehand, I want to know specs, typical mission profile, handling. I read every PIREP available so I know theoretically what the experience should be like. That saves me a lot of disappointment, money and aggravation because it answers the basic question: Would I want to fly this plane regularly, or at all?


i think that’s probably a very good idea…i get to distracted by shiny things without know fully what they can do or what i would use them for.

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The problem is in the sim, you can always find a reason to use something. I do understand what you are saying, but I feel like that wont happen. Some devs put more info on the product and others dont.

I find it hard to to choose between the Freedom Fox and the Wilga, aside from the Wilga having TDS/PMS and Sky4Sim pad integrated as they are the same, so it comes down to what to use on the day.
Both planes have the TDI.

I love the plane, I just find it very slow, however flying it from LIMJ to LIPZ the other day while taking ages, was a joy.

You’re probably right that this is your feeling. (;

Are you talking about KIAS, KCAS, KTAS, or about what exactly? :slight_smile:

I was talking about typical (not the max) KIAS in crouse.

I wouldn’t be counting on Wikipedia for any facts. :sunglasses:

Start with the Manufacturer’s website, then cross-check with PIREPS (Pilot Reports). If it’s a historical or out of production plane, there are many owner-operator forums and websites dedicated to education and support of that aircraft type that have tons of useful information.

" * Comprehensive online documentation"



Pretty sure Wikipedia gets their information from other sources. Here they are:

No I meant its application in real life i.e. what is it used for, not how fast it goes.

The possible applications come from being able to interpret those data. (;

This plane can easily cruise 145KTAS. Are you happy now? (;

Oh please… Don’t be that guy! Looking at the useful load, I wonder why the cargo version?
But anyway… its ok, it is not real life, I like the plane, I will use for short flights!

Unacceptable way to fail.
I cannot get past this screen and have to control alt delete out - there is no “x” there is no way back to menu. All controls work, track IR is working - but no way to get past this screen.

I loaded it properly thru Aerosoft One installer. Have to say for me personally that is the last straw with both Aerosoft and FSS. This is my personal opinion,

thank you


turns out there is another package Aerosoft has to install to make it work - this seems like overkill to me. I ma trying to limit what is installed on my PC.

Personal Comments and Observations

It’s the WASM utilities that allow FSS to make things happen like the in-cockpit tablet, which is NOT native to the SDK (i.e., there aren’t specific pre-built code to make a tablet, etc).

That’s not unique to FSS - every third party airplane I’ve bought in the last 60 days has their own WASM implementation that has to live in the Community folder.

thanks - i must admit i have not seen that from any other developer, so i will take your word on it.
Orbx, Contrail, PMDG, SWS, Just Flight, not seeing this extra piece of software, or at least it is not so blatant (imo).


ps - very happy to be corrected.
Aerosoft method of disabling the plane is not thought through. I had an issue with Just Flight a while back - but all it did was disable the plane - not make the sim inaccessible.