Temperature and altitude reporting are NOT fixed with the patch

Maybe we can blame Global Warming? :wink:

Cue rimshot

I’ll be here all week folks…


Airliners …the real unrecognized " ignored and mistreated" users of fs2020 (where low & slow enhances scenery eyecandy and high&fast enhances problems) from the beginning.


I have to agree here, I’m on Xbox and most of my interest is in the neo at the minute, so the live weather/ATC bug is beyond annoying. It would be good to get some communication from them on this .

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The other day I was flying at FL360, and the temp reading said +91C. Not a single word of a lie.

So far all he flights I made the temperature at altitude was exactly the temperature at ground level, yesterday OAT was 16C on ground and stayed this way up to cruise. Maybe live weather stopped using upper wind and temperature data?

I fly airliners on vatsim, so now with this bug I do the following. I takeoff using live weather, if I see ISA increasing after say FL150 then I switch to preset weather. I switch back 5o live weather again on decent below FL200. I verify what FL vatsim is seeing for me using some App like VatView.

Climb… CLIMB… it’s only 120F RAT

That’s a bit toasty!

Don’t forget about us business jet flyers… grounded our planes too!


I have only flown the TBM so far, I will try and see what happens if I go higher but so far I haven’t seen the OAT / SAT increasing, for me it has stayed the same with increasing altitude from ground up to cruising level. E.g. yesterday temperature at ground level 16C, temperature at cruise level still 16C… Which is equally wrong of course, just wondering if it stoped using upper wind and temperature info.

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At the moment, I can’t play the game because I always fly with an airliner and and I can’t even reach my assigned altitude. It’s so sad that we haven’t had any feedback yet :frowning:

Hi, I really don’t care so much about maybe degrading graphics and so on… not so nice, but ok, my rig is also really dated. But as I mostly want to fly airliner, I am really disappointed, that this weather issue is not fixed yet - making IFR airlines flights nearly impossible. Thought I could workaround it with REX, but this was a big disappointment as well - unstable, only uniform weather across the board.

Please fix this weather issue… Please!!! :slight_smile:


The Temperature bug is certainly not fixed!

31000ft over Zurich.

Yes, see the pinned post on the forum about the upcoming second hotfix. They’re aware it’s still broken.

No it is not, see the hot fix announcement, they acknowledged it and said it would be fixed soon.


Much appreciated! A hotfix for the hotfix

Hi, the OAT is correct but altitude issue still appear.

You sound surprised?

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