Terrain Pop-in NOT fixed after World Update 6

Got, it, many thanks. I guess will have to live with this until technology and budget allow.

ok guys these are 2 sepparate issues.

First one, terrain pop-in is fixed EXCEPT in the mountains, morphing is still there and will need to be tackled in the future, the OP is right, sometimes the textures in the mountains appear or morph just in your face, very noticeable in Tenerife for example.

Second one is building pop-in, with terrain prechacé, if your settings are correct, there is ZERO, like litteraly ZERO pop-in when panning the camera around (which was the issue they fixed), there is still some pop-in in the distance because there is no other known way to render things you are looking at, that is how it goes.
If you want to increase your LOD so that happens so far you cannot see it you can in your user.cfg file, but at the cost of performance.


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hmm i still get pretty bad building morphing at low altitudes over london specifically - but in other large cities, ie, in germany, japan, and nyc the visuals are very smooth and stable.


I’m no expert but I was wondering if the morphing problem is linked to the issue many people are having with the photogrammetry messages popping up claiming insufficient bandwidth?

Could it be possible that the morphing is caused by server issues at the Microsoft end not delivering the sceneries quick enough?

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I am no Dev but I wonder if it would be possible to reduce/cure the morphing with a similar cache-setting as for scenery?

You are right, but the PG building morphing is also an issue. Not sure if it’s the same as the mountain morphing. It was never on the agenda to get fixed for this update however, so when many complaining here that it wasn’t fixed with the implication it was supposed to, is a bit strange.

I have always seen it to some extent in Zürich where I tend to fly regularly VFR and VR. Tbh, never really bothered me that much before I started reading these forums :sweat_smile:

true, true. although in my case it never bothered me much until i got a 3080ti :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh you mean PG buildings, yeah but I doubt that can be quite solved, you could increase the distance at which maximum lods are rendered, which is the solution for mountains, but if you do that for cities that destroys fps.
That is actually what happens with PG cities downloaded from flightsim.to, usually they destroy fps on even the most powerful PCs, they look amazing though.

I have the very same, NYC looks like a car crash while approaching it.

similar system
I9 11900k
32GB ram

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Thanks, I just voted on that Morphing post, as I find it distracting when I fly fast jets over mountains.

What do you mean by that?

It seems like ground textures are not fully cached as I still sometimes see checkerboarding / frustum culling on head turn in VR on Quest 2, particularly airport and water textures:


SLI in 2021? Really?


Except, that “weak” platform is still more performant than many mid range pc’s, just saying. The performance argument never made any sense. Many PC simmers couldn’t even use SU4 for performance reasons, so that engine overhaul would probably have happened regardless, Xbox or not. And I have to say, despite running a 3090, I much prefer the SU6 performance and night lighting to SU4 on my 4k widescreen. Visibility in the distance is also better.

Not true. Pop in is clearly visible even on ultra settings

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With caching on Ultra and the config file changed to TerrainLOD 400 and ObjectLOD 350 I see zero popping. All the other issues aside, my sim looks and performs the best it ever has, unless it’s dark. But then that’s another matter.

Sorry :man_shrugging:t3:

I don’t modify my cfg file at all. WIth precache on Ultra and both LODs on 200, I saw no pop in. As in, the pop-in that this new setting is supposed to fix.

There are terrain morphing associated with areas of the last 2 World Updates. That’s not new. It’s just worse for WU 4 & 5 regions since SU5. The WU6 terrain morphing issues are quite frankly a terrible eyesore IMHO. But that has to do with the way they implemented it, and it’s not the same as pop-in associated with precache.

PG errors with city building LOD is nothing new either.

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Modifying the terrain LoD to 5 or 6 pushes the terrain morphing way further out so you can barely notice it. It’s worth a try IMHO. I’ll never go back. :slight_smile:

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These things should be options in the settings but for now they aren’t. What SU5 did do was give us the performance overhead required for you to make these changes yourself. Prior to that update (ie SU4 and earlier) I couldn’t go above 250/175 without it really hurting FPS, but I felt that was necessary as the draw distance wasn’t up to it. Since SU5 I’ve got 400/350 and it is just soooo much better. It looks way better than SU4 ever did. It also performs way better than SU4 ever did.

So the choice is moan about it, or change 2 simple numbers in a text file and enjoy a far better experience. It really is that simple.

Once they’ve ironed out what are, in essence, some fairly small bugs we’ll be on a good trajectory again. The night lighting will hopefully be fixed soon.

They hyperbole that these forums contain can be ridiculous at times. The sim isn’t half as bad as is made out.