Terrain Pop-in NOT fixed after World Update 6

I’m getting a lot of pop-in still. I have changed my terrain precache because I cant find the setting. Where to find this in the menu please?

It has to be the same thing and yes I was complaining about this after Sim Update 5. You still see buildings popping in too flying into a big city. I know for a fact that wasn’t the case prior to sim update 5.

Well, it just isn’t. Otherwise the new settings would have fixed it. Also the morphing is a longer standing issue and did not start with SU5 (or have anything to do with Xbox release).


Buildings also still pop in while flying into an city. Taxiway signs still pop in while taxiing on the ground. Mountains still “morph”. Regardless, it’s still an issue.

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Yes, it is, and needs fixing, I am with you on that fully.

The option for pre caching is under the slider for terrain lod.

The morphing you are referring to on mountains has been there since day one and is no better or worse now than it ever was for me.

The building/trees etc… pop in/out has been mostly solved for me now with the pre cache set to ultra.
I get occasional pop in when approaching large cities/airports but its better than it’s ever been, plus I now get higher frame rates with no stuttering and at higher visual quality.


The pop in is better than Sim Update 5, but no where as good as prior to that when there was no pop in at all even on “Ultra”.

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Was that for me? I know all that and completely agree with you.

This is a problem with the LOD modelling rather than pop-ins as such. The higher LODs now come in much closer to the aircraft so it is much more apparent than it was previously.

The bigger issue is that the terrain LODs don’t match.

I wonder if there might be some maniacs around here …

Sorry was partly for weildychunks who asked where the pre caching option was.
Then just my experience of the morphing issues v.s. pop in .

Terrain Morphing has always been there, ORBX have a better method of rendering terrain as seen with their NZ Mesh whereby the morphing is practically invisible. Asobo need to implement what ORBX have.

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The pre cache setting only refers to terrain that is outside the players field of view. So everything you can’t see is cached in a much lower quality. While looking around fast it takes some time to get the quality of the terrain back. Hence the popping. This was what people complained about after su5. This is fixed now. Combined with the stutters cuased by this technique.

What you are seeing is just terrain lod loading up when getting closer. This has always been therr and will probably never go away. This is especially noticable with some newer high quality dem.

But terrain popping is fixed.


Yes I agree it has always been there since the game released. And whether it’s any worse now than it was back then, I don’t know.


Go into UserCfg.opt and set these:

	LoDFactor 6.000000
	Enabled 1
	Quality 3
	LoDFactor 4.000000

With your SLI 3090s you can probably go hog wild and set Terrain LoD to 9.000000 or higher.
For some reason, my system seems to cap the ObjectsLoD to 4.000000.

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The better the DEM gets the worse the popping/morphing

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Hello, I believe that when we refer to “morphing” we are talking about terrain such as mountains gradually / slowly developing irrespective of which camera you are looking at them from. At least for me this has been a problem for a long time, definitely before SU5.
Wit SU5 we all faced a new problem, that of “pop-ins” which in my view are more of the type of objects seen appearing when you move the camera or go from cockpit view to external / showcase. A good example for me are the airport taxiway yellow signs - the moment you switch from cockpit view to showcase (drone) you see them come up in place. Another one is a slight change of coloration of the sky and a momentary halt of the aircraft movement while taxiing (all these only as you switch view).

With WU6:

  1. The (terrain) morphing is still there.

  2. The pop-ins are reduced if you select ULTRA on the new pre-caching option but not completely eliminated

  3. I have a new issue as follows:
    A very annoying slow morphing of shadows even on the plane (other examples, shadow of island on the sea) when switching from cockpit to external or showcase views. See attached video where the plane is sitting at the gate and the graphics settings on purpose set to Medium (except the off screen caching which is ULTRA), FPS limited to 30 through NCP and usage of CPU/GPU/MEM are quite low, With SU5 I could run same plane / same airport with HIGH/ULTRA settings (and LODs beyond 200) - there was more of pop-ins but they were of distant things, not on the plane itself !! Is anyone else getting these ? Any thoughts on addressing this “pest” ?


Key specs: i7-9700F, RTX 2060, 32GB

This is caused by screen space reflections and it’s always been like this. Screen space reflections (as the name sugests) only show reflections of what is on screen. So what’s happening in your video is when you go to outside view, first you’ll see the basic cubemap reflection on the plane (sun/sky) and then you see the screenspace reflections form to replace those cubemap reflections. There have always been a small delay when switching screens like this i believe.

Ssr are great for very rough reflections but not for sharp reflections as in the video or the stupidly reflective water surface asobo has created. there will always be parts of the reflection missing due to objects being in screen overlapping some of the scenery visible in the reflection.

Ray tracing would be a better solution for this. Though it’s much more demanding.

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Thanks for your reply, so (a) its not only me (my system) and (b) there is not solution ? Maybe I should tone down the reflections option ? I 'd rather have less of them than see them creeping up like that …

A. No
B. it’s a limitation in the graphics engine. Solution would be raytracing when dx12 will be implemented. Ofcourse you’ll need a prety beefy RTX gpu for ray traced reflections to work properly.

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