Terrible apocalyptic photogrammetry of Vienna

Interesting. I get the same results in both cases, 45 mbit/s. Might go for fibre at a later date, we’ll see.

It could be your provider…you don’t know what backhaul congestion they have, are they prioritising certain traffic types, what routing they are using to get to the Microsoft Gaming servers. Do they throttle certain traffic at specific times.

The PG seems to work for a lot of people so its would seem to be somewhere between you and MS CDN

But the PG is inconsistent for a single person too, depending on the city I am in. How does that fit into the “you and the server, provider etc” theory ?

London is poor and Jorge has said that they will be re-doing London.

OH JOY, why do people think such bad thoughts about such a beautiful piece of software!! (Tongue very firmly stuck in cheek)

then they should start to „redo“ vienna

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Why? It looks fine for me. Certainly a lot better than London

but not for me, this is the reson of this topic

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What’s “Orbx” ? Here is what I meant, a bit minor sure.

My London looks fine after A WHILE, basically, in order to load all nice textures, I would have to fly over it like between 1/2 and 1 hour if not more to cover everything. They load VERY inconsistently, Some closer won’t at first, some further away will already be there; some will need a lot of hovering, other will load at first glance. Can’t find the logic.


But when?

Photogrammetry is a plague gradually spreading over the World and degrading what MSFS had in its favour… pretty scenery. The one thing Asobo could boast about has been disappearing ever since WU2.

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Yikes. I haven’t noticed that many buildings abruptly dissappear or dramatically change texture color like that. I wonder if the pre-caching setting can help with that. When I installed WU6, the first setting I changed/verified was that the new pre-caching setting was set to Ultra.

The thing is, the quality of the PG would vary from flight to flight without me recreating the cache. One flight it would be perfect, the other it would look like my screen shot. There was definitely something going on, and I don’t think it’s as straight cut as that.

Like I always say, the most consistent thing about MSFS is now inconsistent the experience is from one user to the next.

You can even get 2 people with the same model of Xbox, and their experiences will differ.

Hello, do you all get the refinery near the Vienna airport like this? It seems that they have bombed it, does it come out like that too?

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Maybe it is an issue with the servers. That would explain different results on different flights over the same scenery.

Anyways, I always make sure to fly high enough to enjoy it - the way photogrammetry works today, below a certain distance it always looks like after a bomb raid.

The refinery at LOWI on the other hand could really benefit from some LTC by developers…

There’s a refinery at LOWI? and what’s LTC?

I think he mistyped and meant LOWW. There are refineries in Schwechat (the city close to the airport).

Ah, ok. Btw, that’s confirmed, I can see the refinery from my flat :wink:

Sorry, two typos!
I meant LOWW and TLC :slight_smile:

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Bottom line, we need a “post apocalyptic mod” in MFS.
Oh wait…


Looks like the refineries blew up …