Terrible performance after sim update IV

I am seeing significant performance drop over time after the update,

After playing for a few hours my FPS if down to 10? CPU/GPU sitting at around 20% just a laggy stuttering mess now - I thought we had Beta testers nowadays?

they do. but a pc is different than say an xbox series x, there are thousands of elements, drivers, bad ram, mismatched components, bottlenecks, hard drive struggles. maybe too many dubious programs running quietly in the background. Lots of people on the forums I have noticed have ultra high end systems with really bad performance. but some people here think that spending thousands on high end systems will solve their problems, other people are OBSESSED Man with FPS, MAN. other people want to start class action lawsuits against microsoft, then you have people who have spent a FORTUNE on Xplane scenery and topography and really hope Fs2020 will fail because the whole idea of it being a success scares them. Ive been flight simming since the early days with An atari ST. and other people just cant read manuals its a complex situation.


No issues for me so far. Running everything at Ultra. FPS and smoothness still good. Load times of the sim are definitely faster on my system. Been running the sim all afternoon. This will most likely be hit and miss for every different system out there.

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Oh man - its awful for me, Dipping down into single figure FPS after a couple of hours - I have never had issues like this before - all started today? - i cant understand why its only demanding 20% from my CPU/GPU - seems to be tripping over itself?


It seems to kick in if you leave the Sim paused for a period of time, on restarting its fine but after hitting escape and letting it sit for a while it al falls over?

Runs great here. No problems so far, even when pausing and returning to it.


Can I ask: What is your average FPS in flight? What is your FPS in airports prior to take off? What is your FPS on approach?

I’ve noticed about a 5 FPS performance degradation in the cockpit since installing the update. I haven’t added my working title GPS mods back in. I am not sure if they were helping the performance a bit before.

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Variable depending on airport, aircraft, local scenery, weather, direction of camera, internal and external camera.

All satisfactory to me, with no visible difference versus the previous version.

I’m probably asking too much here. I’m just wondering if you would be willing to fly out of Adelaide International Airport in Australia (ADL I believe) and let me know what your frames are at on the ground and in the air around that airport are.

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yup happening to me too. running for 7 hours now after update and im hovering around 20 fps all of a sudden.

i have my frames locked at 45.

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Depending on the aircraft used mine will do the same, laggy/stutter after an hour or 2. Seems with the Eurofighter it starts happening within an hours time. Any airliner or passenger plane, extra, pitts,182 start after about an hour. Icon, both cubs, da62, 172 all seem to be ok. Cpu and gpu usage drops to around 15% and ram usage to 100%. Playing on Ryzen 7 4800H (Vega disabled) Radeon 5600M 6gb, 32GB AMD certified ram on 3 27" 1080 panels. Usually have about 30% CPU, 90-95%GPU, using 14gb ram in game. Mostly medium graphic settings have clouds and some other lighting fx turned down from there.

Edit: As others have said, the memory usage along with lag/stutter seems to be mainly while coming to approach leg of a flight plan. You’ll gradually see your ram usage start to climb and eventually max out until you CTD. I recently flew a 3 hour hop with no flight plan and some shorter flights no plan and the game did just fine. No lag or stutter and RAM usage stayed put around 14gb. Then flew several other hops some 30 minutes others up to about 3 hours and every time a flight plan was set it would do this. It didn’t make any difference if the plan was set before flying or made up waypoints and destination while in flight. Every time you cross into the final leg for approach it would happen.

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Performance for me is the same. Its still no way perfect but the 787 is now ruined. Its back again with the long pauses. Good thing I don’t really fly it.

Sure, lemme check – never hurts to have data points. :slight_smile:

Loading up at YPAD in Airbus A320 neo (stock, not the FBW mod) I get 30 fps (plus or minus one) in the default cockpit view. This is current live weather (nice looking day, some high clouds), no multiplayer, with live traffic.

After taking off, flying over the city at a couple thousand feet I see frame rates from 32 to 38 depending on angle, view, and what’s visible.

Display is 3440x1440, 100% render scale, “ultra” settings except for the object and terrain detail sliders which are at “high” settings. Ryzen 3700X, RTX 2070 Super.

Hey, thanks a bunch! I appreciate this. I am getting close to double that in the Mooney, I guess I need to check my expectations. I am used to getting 100+ FPS in most games I play.

i9 10900 (edit for typo), 3080 RTX

Yeah, most people can’t get anywhere near 60 fps ever in MSFS. :slight_smile:

What cpu is that never heard of it.

In my “About” screen, it says: “Intel(R) Core™ i9-10900KF CPU” – apologies, I just realized I’ve been typoing that.

Running the exact same resolution but a weaker GPU.RTX2060super i7 10700k.Almost around the same fps with FBW AN3X 175 terrain LOD 200 Obj LOD. Some of my settings on High including stuff like clouds,AO,shadows,textures.Looks like once I go ultra I run out of vram.
My only way to get 60fps in msfs is to lower to 1920x1080.I am ok with 30-40fps as long as the sim doesn’t stutter and its smooth I am happy.
Only wish now is to get a better gpu.

I’m going to try the same plane in the same place to see what I’m getting. The jets are pretty rough on my performance.