Terrible turbulence and bouncing on approach

Not sure if this is to do with the last update but not seen reports before about it. I had just bought the Just Flight Piper Arrow bundle and I’m on pc and series x but on the pc when on approach and just in general when lower to the ground I’m being bumped around uncontrollably like being on a bus and that’s even with wind layer deleted and it’s hard to line up on final. It’s not just left and right but also up and down. I used assisted rudder and this helped a little in the Piper Arrow but then I flew the Carenado C182T and even with rudder assist again I’m being bumped around like crazy.
It’s strange as not really had this before and I guess I need to test more planes such as the Cessna 152 but if anyone has any ideas or experienced the same it would be grateful to know.

Yes. There was a lot of talk about this behavior on the G1000 NXi thread. People were seeing these updrafts throwing them off their glide path and losing vertical guidance during approaches and they thought it was an NXi bug. It just happened it was coincident with both SU9 and the release of the new NXi.

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Thanks and that is interesting. I’ve not installed the NXI mod to be fair so maybe it is the SU9 causing it. It does not happen on Xbox and only on pc but very frustrating as the new Piper Arrow I bought is lovely to fly but then ruined on landing.

That was @BigCow74’s point, it was not related to the NXi, but to the changed turbulence models in SU9.

One of the reasons I don’t fly on very windy or turbulent days is exactly this happens, and heavy turbulence is no fun in a small plane.

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Ah sorry I had misinterpreted his message. I was not aware of these changes with regards to updrafts.
It has to be the reason then but for sure it’s really spoilt flying in a small GA plane.

As far as I understood, there weren’t any changes to turbulence in SU9. It’s simply turning into summer in the northern hemisphere, and with the extra energy of the sun, there will be more thermal effects/turbulence.

If you want more smooth air, fly early in the morning / in the evening, or change the date back to winter.

(this topic was covered in the last Q&A stream)


Must have gotten very sunny right after SU9 :laughing:

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No true. Thermal updrafts and downdrafts was a big feature of SU9. Asobo brought it up in at least 3 Q&A videos (and provided video demonstrations) but didn’t mention it in the patch notes. That’s where they messed up. They should have provided a clear explanation with the release of SU9. The casual gamers would have still complained, but at least there would be a little less confusion about why their plane is moving around on days with high thermal turbulence.

The system is based on the simulated sun intensity, which heats the ground, which results in updrafts and downdrafts (thermal turbulence). The sun intensity is dynamically calculated based on your location, time of year and time of day. The sim samples spots on the ground all the way out to the horizon and then uses the sun intensity to simulate heating the ground\scenery based on the terrain and whether or not there is shade.

Based on my tests, it does not seem to be based on temperature, but the “intensity” of the sun on the given time of day, time of year, and location. So live weather doesn’t play a big role, outside of potentially creating clouds that shade the terrain, which results in less ground heating. This is all part of what Asobo calls their atmospheric flow engine. It’s one big system that tries to simulate all the dynamics of Earth’s atmosphere, allowing for native simulation of gliders without having to use weird workarounds like randomly placed thermals.


Ok, so this has been discussed previously. And ok, I can understand that it is based on actual physics. But was what discussed before, was it agreed the severity of the shaking is correct? I watch a whole lot of YouTube videos and you just don’t see people struggling to maintain course. I was flying a bush trip this weekend, and at one point I was thrown 24 degrees off my heading, The weather for the base bush trips, you know they don’t put you in windy weather. This was all from the new dynamics. And it seemed too exaggerated. On a calm day, even if it is sunny, it doesn’t seem right that I should be fighting so hard to maintain heading. I just don’t see that in other aviation YouTubes. But if real pilots sign off that this is how it really happens, that yes, you can be thrown 24 degrees off course by the sun heating the ground, then ok…

Has anyone flown the updraft/downdraft training flights they added highlighting the feature? I flew them and it was like being in a continuous car accident. Not particularly fun.

I won’t argue against it totally. I’m just wondering if it needs to be tuned. Like two SU’s ago, they introduced METAR, and the weather could change on you just going down the runway. It needed to be tuned. I’m just wondering if this is exactly how pilots find it to handle, or if it needs to be tuned.

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Strange, I only fly GA and don’t have any problem with the turbulence. Sometimes it gets a bit shaky when landing but nothing much.


It’s simulated air moving up and down, which moves your plane in various ways depending on the individual surfaces being pushed up or pushed down. It’s not just a “shaking effect” that Asobo has slapped on. These are thermals that are used by gliders to stay in the air and soar for miles… Based on my experience flying in a light aircraft (always as a passenger, not a pilot), I would say the worst thermal turbulence I’ve experienced in MSFS would be considered mild-moderate in RL at best. The first time I went flying with my friend, which was on a calm summer day, I experienced more turbulence than I ever have in MSFS, and it almost made me not want to go flying again.


Yes, I can tell you in real life

  1. People are not going to release videos flying in turbulent weather
  2. Turbulent air can make a mess of your day… It’s no fun to fly when the air is pushing you around a ton. Even on a decent day, I’ll be flying along, I reach down to pick up my pen or phone and, bam, a draft catches me and I’m nearly sideways… (I’m talking hand flying Warriors and similar planes).

I for one really like it a lot. Before i could almost always trim my plane and walk away for several minutes without going off course. Now, not so much usually. :blush:


Thank you for the heads-up… I didn’t even know they existed😳

I learned to fly in the summer. I still remember my stomach was sick until i got used to the bounciness.

Yes, this is real.

… and yes, there is this much of it.


They introduced a lot in SU9 in the department of CFD etc, but they didn’t change the thermal model. Martial went into detail about this. Specifically mentioning that the amount of reports about ‘excessive turbulence’ lowered a lot during winter, and now we’re getting back into spring/summer, it’s being reported again.

So no (at least as I understood it), they didn’t change thermals/turbulence. You might notice it a bit more with the new CFD on some planes, but they system itself wasn’t changed… Yet…
(it will be iterated upon for gliders). It’s simply that the sun is dumping a load more energy into the northern hemisphere ground :slight_smile:

but yes, it’s real, and I’m happy it’s in the sim.

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It’ll make you a more skilled pilot.

It was so bad this past weekend I was hit by HULK SMASK winds everytime I tried making a landing in the F-14 and F-18.
Lost all control going that slow in both aircraft and failed every landing attempt.
The next day winds were back to normal.

Oy vey!