Terrible VR performance and display with Quest 2 and RTX3090

Even though I have a RTX3090, it is running with a dated Intel Core i7 6700K. It’s not the ideal combination, but I have pre-ordered a new Z590 MB Bundle with the 11th gen Intel i9 11900K CPU. I was eager to try out my Quest2 with MS Flightsim 2020 on VR, how disappointed I was by the performance and display. Not much better than when I had the GTX980Ti? I expected there to be a bit of a bottleneck from the RTX3090 to the CPU, but not as bad as I thought. Probably just have to wait for the new MB, CPU bundle for VR. However, in normal monitor mode Flightsim2020 is hugely better, now runs in 4K with ultra settings, and looks superb. Even the most fastest PCs struggles a bit with VR. I think VR is far too demanding for the present technology. Any advice with settings or any views please.

I think my old Rift CV1 would have been a lot better as it is connected directly to the GPU. But the Quest 2 is connected via the USB 3.0c port, although I’m no expert, probably relies on the motherboard and CPU to resend the video signal via the USB port?

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Give this a try. However, seems like right now there are performance issues effecting everyone with the latest update.

Quest 2 settings

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