Textures of aircraft lights reflected on clouds

Hello. I recorded a video showing the textures of the aircraft’s lights reflecting on the clouds.

They are weird on my sim. Anyone having this problem besides me?


This is possibly the volumetric lighting bug that people see with ultra widescreen displays. What is your screen resolution and graphics settings?

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My screen resolution is 3440x1440 and my graphics settings are on ultra. Should I change anything to avoid this issue?


as @HethrMasn mentioned, these is about the volumetric lighting…

Some users, VR and also 2D reported this. Can you check whether your report is same as the following existing ‘bug-logged’ 2d topic ?

Another existing ‘bug-logged’ topic , but just for VR:


Two workarounds that I know of. Use magpie to upscale a smaller resolution to fullscreen, or play in DX12 mode.

Most people say they get bad performance in DX12 mode.

Try lowering the in-game render resolution a bit (not render scale, as I was told that doesn’t help).

@MichaMMA Any idea if this has been fixed in SU9 beta? The new dev blog snapshot seems to indicate that it has.

I’m on the beta but I never had this issue so I can’t reproduce it.

#10 → 65 votes Partial Volumetric Lighting Fixed in SU 9

I haven’t the Beta installed, but sounds at least like the topic :slight_smile:

Also best would be to discuss this wihtin the linked existing topics, so that the other users know about… therefore my links and the question whether OP meant the already existing topics about.

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Thanks, I did mention it in the other topic as well. We have some initial confirmations that it’s mostly fixed in SU9, even though it wasn’t mentioned in the release notes.