Volumetric Lighting Effects Gone in VR

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No longer getting volumetric lighting effects from navigation, strobe or landing lights within clouds, fog, rain or snow in VR DX11 or DX12. The effects still function correctly in PC mode, though not as dense as pre-SU7. All graphics setting on ULTRA, including Light Shafts. Tested live weather, preset weather and custom weather. Adjusting Cloud Density 1-5 did not resolve the issue. Attempted three aircraft, A32NX, TBM, C172 while flying thru dense clouds and fog. Checked usercfg.opt, values for Volumetric Lighting under VR = ‘Enabled 1’ , ‘Quality 3’. Still unable to get volumetric lighting back in VR.

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i9-10900KF 64g 3090 ReverbG2

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Shame it’s a real mess again :confounded::confounded::confounded::sob::triumph:

Here we go again. I’m always excited for new updates and then it always becomes a nightmare.
VR took a HUGE punch in the face this time.


Just of all in the dark part of the year. I know they didn’t do that on purpose and all but yes, this update is a lot to put up with for people who just can’t fly 2D anymore and it would be great if we wouldn’t have to live with that until February, because that (sob) would ruin the holidays a bit.




I realized this as well. Here is my screenshot comparison between PC and VR mode, sim paused, exact same position, landing lights on.


I wanted to do an in-cockpit comparison as well but… well… the sim crashed to desktop as I disabled VR as usual, and I cannot bring myself to starting everything up again. VR in this sim is currently alpha at best.

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As I slept on it I started wondering: Did we ever have volumetric lighting in VR?

Yes, I used to intentionally fly through clouds at night to see the great lighting effects. I’ve been impressed with MSFS but MS/asbo really do know how to take two steps forward and then two steps back with their updates. I really wish the updates were optional as SP6 was performing great.

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And this was in VR?

Yes, we had volumetric lighting in VR. I fly exclusively in VR, and I used the volumetric effect of the A32NX strobes/navigation lights as a prompt to turn on anti-ice when descending thru clouds during possible icing conditions. The volumetric effect was the only way I knew I had reached the cloud layer on moonless nites.


I thought so! Great, now I don’t have to go have my brain examined :wink:

Yes, I only fly in VR so confident of this.

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Let’s hope the “turn it back on”. I’m sure they will at some point. It was missing in pancake mode a while back too but they fixed it, maybe the fix didn’t make the VR branch. If there is such, I don’t know how the two modes differ but I’d imagine there is different versions of the rendering pipeline.

Overall it would be really interesting to get to know more from a technical perspective how the code really works. It would be easier for us as a community to understand and “talk” to the developers if we knew more. In my real life I have been involved in development projects where I as a UX designer felt I did not know enough about how the code was structured to be able to ascertain what work a certain feature or bugfix entails. I found myself saying “If i just knew more about how it was programmed” so many times. And I feel the same thing goes here.

At minimum a slideshow with some kind of boxes and arrows that show how the different parts of the sim are working together. It would be really interesting @Jummivana, can we have a really nerdy technical developer presentation and q&a at some point? :slight_smile:

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This for me is the worst bug in VR?! it was excellent before.

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I noticed this tonight, another item to add to the list that’s broken since SU7 when it worked perfectly fine before.

Attention to details, acting on bugs and quality control is MIA with this lot, immensely disappointing.

I am stunned how often can stuff like this happen…
Again and again after every update, this and also the rain ice issue in VR, unbelievable.

Having this issue too…fog and clouds do not longer reflect landing lights strobe lights etc

+1 here no volumetric lights in VR anymore.

Seriously, I am literally pi****d off right now!
VR Toolbar broken, Lights broken, AntiAliasing on Displays is a Mess since Day one and presently broken in menus, performance is not great as well atm…

I don’t know where the focus at Asobo is right now, but considering the fact, that even other very basic areas of the sim, not related to VR, are broken as well, the Reno DLC and policy to gain Money through the Store with Air Races must be higher prio than weather, Navdata, Autopilot,VR etc etc.

Sad story here!

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Any update on this very important topic?


Hi has anyone noticed any slight improvement on this in latest patch?

Nope, it’ll be fixed in SU8.