Volumetric Lighting Effects Gone in VR

In SU8 Beta, I am getting partial volumetric lighting. Full volumetric shafts in the right-eye, but only partial shafts in the left eye…creating a choppy, diamond-like pattern when viewing with both eyes. For me this is occurring on the A32NX in heavy fog or clouds, looking over my left shoulder at the left wing flashing strobes. Can anyone confirm?

i9-10900KF 3090 Aero

Yes same problem in all planes.

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@BoeingCaptan @paisl3ypark
Please share a video in the SU8 forum topic - was asked by mod team

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Same here with Valve Index.

Disappointed to see this problem wasn’t fixed before SU8 went final. :confused:

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Bug is listed as “fixed” in the release notes, clearly there’s some misinformation and miscommunication going on (…) that needs looking at, not to mention the bug itself.

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Same here with Rift s very disappointing, every update there is a problem. How dose Asobo do this.
I mean its in your face clear as daylight and they said it was fixed.

Exactly this. Very annoying. Also distant horizon shader (or related) problem with left and right eye.

It’s incredible, no volumetric lightning yet and windshield reflections doesn’t work anymore too. VR users suffering as always. Waiting to SU9 now…no words.


If that can cheer you up, Volumetric Lightning is now also broken for 2D users :thinking:

But it’s fixed, they said so in the changelog :lying_face:

Working in the Quest 2

It’s not (I’ve a Quest 2), it’s broken for everybody :thinking: Maybe you didn’t see it.
They actually changed the status of the issue from Fixed to Started.

It will be really cool when finally implemented and working. One of those deep immersion features of VR. Hopefully SU9.

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I have it working in VR with a Vive Pro (Just Flight Warrior, not sure about other aircraft).

Can you report if this is fixed for you guys with SU9?
It was for me on the SU 9 Beta even though they didn’t write anything about it (but it wouldn’t be the first time this happens).


working in su9.

Fixed as of Sim Update 9.