Textures popping, blurry, weird water

Whatsup with this? Lately, especially after this update I have issues with the terrain. Below is a flight from Bellingham to Friday Harbor. The water climbs up the terrain. In Japan too. Also, the textures seem to be loading underneath the airplane and sharpening up as I go. What gives? What do I need to tweak?
Ryzen 5 3600, RX5700XT, 32gbs ram, 80mbps wireless internet… is it my internet?

I had pretty much exactly this after the update. I had to change my settings back to Ultra (selecting something else first) and now it’s better than ever.

I will try. I am mostly on high… with 100 as the Terrain and Object LOD.

That will be due to the chemtrails.

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Didn’t help, water still going up the terrain…

It’s the texture popping very close to the aircraft that was really bad for me after this install, and was fixed by resetting back to ultra.

I can’t run on Ultra… too low FPS on my system. But yeah, water still messed up, textures still popping. I swear it is an internet thing but my connection is strong. I don’t think it likes Wifi.

I never use WIFI unless there is absolutely no other choice. Even a cable across the floor is better in my humble opinion.

Router is downstairs… not much choice.

I have to report the same sadly. After many hours of downloading the update followed by the data manager file updates followed by the USA update I visited the Hoover Dam to see weird shadows like swarms of bees in the water and white shapes up the side of the hills and over bright scenery. New York was uniform grey with blurry texture and London missing it’s landmarks. Check photogammetry was on and cleared my rolling cache and created a new one but no good. So gave up and hope it’s a server issue and fixed for next time.

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There are alot of reports on Avsim of the water issue, and popping textures. Its not just us.

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There is a thread here where you can upvote this issue. Coastline glitch - water creeping up coasts/cliffs - Self-Service / Bugs & Issues - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


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