Coastline glitch - water creeping up coasts/cliffs

As reported also in this General Discussion thread: The coastlines are now screwed up - #13 by Crunchmeister71

Here is my screenshot of the issue in Alaska, USA after the latest USA world update.
I am in Online mode, rolling cache disabled, I even tried setting terrain data to 200 but it didn’t affect the issue.
Please upvote if you’re seeing the same, and perhaps screenshots/locations too.

This is not new to, and it is pretty ugly. I think it happens in most places (so it’s not specific) and seems to be related to LOD. It “fixes” as you get closer, but agree it should not be happening.


It is new to this latest patch, I’ve never seen it before and it seems no one was talking about it until this update. Yes it does seem to eventually draw in when right on top of the area, but not always 100%. As for LOD, I’ve had the same manual settings set in the config file and it still occurs. They also somehow messed up the water masking as now there is none anywhere I’ve flown that had some beautiful water masking prior to this update (Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Hawaii, etc). That’s on a separate thread.


Maybe I just assumed it was this terrible before (since there are many LOD related scenery issues). Well, chalk this up to another 1 bug fixed 1+ bugs introduced (or mostly, 1 bug fixed, 2 slightly related but more nuanced bugs introduced).

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Yeah it’s unfortunate :slightly_frowning_face:. Hopefully it will get fixed soon, I really love flying around tropical islands and such. Look at this thread, I posted some pics in there too. Go to the locations mentioned and see what it looks like since the update for yourself:

I am seeing this too, along with the horrible blocky reflections of the clouds in water.


Seeing this too since the latest update along with a lot of popping mesh. There is also a thread about this on Avsim. Here is a screenshot from the San Juan Islands. I will send it to Zendesk as well.


Thanks. I filed a Zendesk report earlier today.


I have seen this near Seattle

I not see a “glitch” , I see a coast line :-/


is this a real-live-glitch ?


Same here whilst flying the Spanish coast. TBH I’ve seen it before the update so for now I just ignore it, enough people have reported it (although I’ve added my vote).

However I have noticed it only seems to happen at the base of mountains or high cliffs so, in my very amateur understanding, it’s probably an issue with the water masking.

It’s probably very frustrating for the dev. team too!

Had the same in the Caribbean yesterday, on St. Maarten.

The issue resolves itself when you get closer to the coast, but returns when you fly farther away. I have only observed it in the USA so far, but other users see it in other locations. I think it is related to the mesh LOD. It is caused by the terrain having no texture on it near the water, not by the water creeping up the side, so the title of this thread is perhaps inaccurate.

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hmmm… oka… is just that it looks at the screenshots “normal”…

If it again happen, can you made a screenshot with position, possible vfr map and your graphic settings ? Then it is comparable :slight_smile:

That isn’t at all what we are reporting. There is water riding up the sides of cliffs along coastlines. I experienced it too, just take a flight along the northern coast of Molokai Hawaii. I took screenshots but attached them in a Zendesk ticket, I don’t believe I posted them here on the forum. And they are sometimes simply sharp water colored triangles running up the cliff face. Never saw it before this update.


I already posted a screenshot with the VFR map open earlier in this topic Coastline glitch - water creeping up coasts/cliffs . Notice the island closer to the plane on the left does not have the issue, it is only the islands in the distance. As I flew closer to them the white areas along the transition between water and land disappeared. My settings are predominately on High with the odd one set to Ultra or Medium. LOD was 200.

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Just saw it in the Witsunday Islands in Australia.

Actually I was wrong, I did post screenshots here The coastlines are now screwed up

Same problem in the Gulf Islands, BC. Believe this appeared with the latest update.

Have reported it to Zendesk.


This happened before the patch too, but at a much greater distance. Could be due to the ongoing LOD reductions.