Thailand world update

Thailand has a big community of flightsimmers, but unfortunately 100% of all airports are poorly designed, incorrect taxiways, wrong approaches, etc. But mainly the airports and the cities are way off :frowning:
Please MS, Please Asobo! :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::thailand::thailand::thailand::thailand:

just report the errors on the airports to Zendesk, and they might be included in a future patch. You don’t need to wait for a dedicated World Update patch for that.

They didn’t reply

I am from germany and Thailand is indeed my favourite country. It is true, Thailand looks very not good in the sim. I still hope for some talented people creating airports and maybe add landmarks in big cities. Bangkok looks so poor in MSFS!!! I know, Bangkok Airways does not operate the A320 but a fictional Bangkok Airways livery for the A320 i would very appreciate, too


As I live in Thailand, I’d very much love to have Thailand World Update. If not possible, I hope that at least Asobo will give us a South East Asia World Update with photogrammetry for major cities in the region E.g. Bangkok, Jarkarta, Manila, Kuala Lumpur and etc.


If Malaysia and Singapore were to be included, I’d support the idea!

Kind regards.

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Hi there,
There is a request in the forums for Malaysia already, if interested:

There is no such request for Singapore, so if you would like to create one, feel free!

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