Thanks for delivering an arcade scenery flying product

lol what game you going back to?

And 1 helicopter :slight_smile:

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I tried to make that case numerous times already. I, too (real C172 experience) think the default GA aircraft are much more accurate than any previous MSFS has been (including P3D of course). People nowadays prefer to be cynic and be able to shout out “I told you so”. I honestly don’t care. The big fear “I” have is Asobo starting to simplify and start tampering with the flight model, because they are getting false feedback (e.g. Making the wrong assessment about the flight model and physics based on a few aircraft). Again I hope people stop speaking for me. I am a flight simmer for 30 years and am very impressed by this new starting point. I am completely spoiled that not even FSL can keep P3D on my computer. Right now there is plenty to do in the VFR world to keep me busy until the big boys (PMDG FSL, etc…) populate the sim. I had the best multi-player sessions I ever had yesterday. It felt great to help out first time simmers. While there is loads of thing that needs fixing, it gets many things right P3D wasn’t able to (even with 3rd party) or didn’t even have.


Agree ! The platform should in his core be good . Better aircraft and airports is fixable with add-ons…

Well said. Thank you.

Should change your IF to RvXWiner… :joy::joy::joy:

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The game is 1 day old. Can you give it some time? Of course they aren’t going to completely adjust their development cycle based on your feedback, but you can expect that they are likely implementing changes in the background waiting for post-launch updates for things like this. They had launch date features set years in advance.

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very nicely put, thanks and i’am not a real pilot but i feel the same

Sorry I must correct you: I can “fly” to “places” I have never seen in my life. I “fly” with “airplanes” that I can never afford and will never have

This is just a game…

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The game is not 1 day old. The game is more than 8 months old. It was born (to us) with Alpha v1 and it evolved (“grew up”) to what it is today. During that time we gave plenty of feedback to MS / Asobo.


It look like you don’t want to understand what 3rd party can bring and focusing on something, the default have nothing to do with 3rd party.

Haha @Thoddy398 delete all post if they are contra for Microsoft :joy::joy:

You people either don’t understand or don’t want to understand what’s wrong with this product. There is serious issue in flying model. It’s on Core flight model of the actual product itself. If this doesn’t get fixed on a very high level it doesn’t matter if pmdg or fslabs released their product. If this stays like this. I highly doubt that PMDG or Fslabs will ever release their product on this platform.


I can drag multiple threads here to point out issues with Asobo about what’s wrong with the product. After they announce their release date they stopped listening to us. We also insisted to delay the release in order get a finished product. They also ignored that. It’s not a day 1 product. Many of the people then said they may have separate team that have entirely separate build that have better things or working module. So we all waited for the release. Now all we see is an unfinished arcade scenery simulator.

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You are very keen to demand that everyone respects your right to have an own opinion but are at the same time very quick to call out anyone who also has an opinion, even if it differs from yours. I would like to engage in meaning conversation but this attitude makes that unfruitful to me. Thanks and happy flying or whatever you do.

Do not point out only at me. There are more than I in this specific thread that agrees with what I have provided as feedback.

There will always be die hard fans in this forum defending this game forever.


If you think it is an “arcadey” feel then please take that to the devs. Post what you think is “arcadey” about it. Complaining here about them “not listening” does nothing.

There is difference between defending a game and trying to advance sound and useful thought and conversation.

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