Thanks for the Test Pilot livery!

As the title says, Thanks Asobo and MS for the “Test Pilot” livery! It was a pleasure to be a tester, and I appreciate this “Christmas gift!”. Have a Great Holiday Season!
P.S. Great fixes/changes in Sim Update 2!


I was never accepted into the program. Very sad that I have no access to them, as I love the matte black look.


I was an Alpha/Beta tester and I’m not finding them - where are the liveries? Were they just included in the update today? Confused…

I noticed you don’t have the tech alpha insider label. You may need to look for a thread here in the forum about people that lost their tag. That may be why they don’t show for you.
The livery should have downloaded automatically with the update today. You load it like any other livery (click on aircraft in the world map). You can check content manager to see if they’re there.

Cool thanks! I noticed the tag missing and filed a ticket. I appreciate the feedback!

I think we all are BETA testers…not ? :thinking: :upside_down_face:


I tested on a different account and logged in with that one in game but didn’t see anything.

Always were.

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So non-testers will never fly in black ?

My liveries megapack has disappeared from my options now even though it’s still in the correct directory?

I never got the “Test Pilot” livery either, even though I was in the Beta. But I suspect it has something to do with the nickname, which I have changed after flight simulator launched. Thats probably why they simply could not find me. :frowning:

Yes nice liveries. Thank you :grin:

Very happy with the new test pilot livery. Thank you Asobo and MS for the opportunity to assist in the testing for the Alpha/Beta as well as the VR beta and for this great exclusive livery. I’m proud to be able to show it off.

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I was in the beta and as you can see I’ve not got the Tech Alpha Insider tag, however I did receive the Test Pilot liveries. May be some other reason as to why, has his nickname changed or account?

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You will have to download the liveries in the marketplace - filter for free contents.

My Test Pilot ones were auto downloaded you only have to download the Aviator Liveries from the Marketplace

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If they arent there you should look in the content manager


I was one of the VR beta testers, as you can see from my label.

I’m updated to v1.12.13.0:

I found the Aviator’s Club liveries in the Marketplace and downloaded them, but I have nothing else waiting to download in my Content Manager:

And yet, I don’t seem to have the black test pilot liveries?..

Any thoughts?

I think it’s only available to alpha and beta testers from before the game’s release date. So VR beta testers are excluded.

If that’s the case, that’s fine. I enjoyed VR beta testing and was never promised anything. I just saw somebody in this thread with the “VR Beta Participant” tag who said they had them, so I thought maybe all us VR Beta Testers got them.