The 1915 Curtiss JN-4 Jenny

Many thanks for the feedback All.

We have made some improvements which will be coming in a future patch.


Requesting the following updates/corrections to the 3D rendering of the new Curtiss Jenny: the main landing gear wheel axle should be made of steel tubing (not wooden looking) and should extend one-piece all the way through the wooden landing gear spreader. The wheel axle spans all the way through the landing gear from both left and right wheels, and when on the ground, this axle’s up and down travel is much less than is currently simulated; please addon the aileron control cable guide fitting located on the top-right side of the center section; please note that the four horizontal stabilizer support struts are actually made from steel tubing and streamlined wooden trailing edges, both being wrapped together with fabric tape (they appear wood in the simulation?). Near as I can tell, the Curtiss Jenny 3D rendering is just about perfect otherwise! I’ll try to notify all this to the MSFS Support Team. Thanks, Gary

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This exists in MSFS. The mapping is called something like Save VFR Pilot View or something similar. Go into your mappings and search “vfr” and you’ll find it.

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I’ve had MSFS for like 9 months and had no idea this was a thing! Thank you!


It feels like flying with a ping pong ball in a heavy storm. Nearly impossible to maneuver it and i crashed always within some minutes. And i cant change seating position. I sit always in the second line with a bad overview. To me this plane is just garbage.

I’d forgotten about this feature and I saw your post here and on the first aircraft I tried it on last night (Cessna Skymaster) I used CTRL-F10, which crashed the entire sim. I’d forgotten that I’d had that CTD issue happen before some time last year on a different aircraft and never tried to set the VFR pilot view again. I’m on Xbox, too, which I think you’re on as well?

I take it that it doesn’t CTD on the Jenny?

Based on this thread, it seems it is not happening on all aircraft in the sim, either.

Yep, Xbox here as well. Weird! Sim crashed the moment you CNTL+F10’d?

I’ve changed up the VFR Pilot View on pretty much every aircraft I fly, hadn’t seen that crashing behavior. Latest beta.

Yes, I’m pretty sure I first had the CTD happen on the C170B, but I can’t recall if I posted it as a bug at that time or if, in disgust, I just walked away from the sim.

I walked away in disgust last night, but wrote it up on the thread I shared in my previous post.

Maybe the issue is more prevalent on Carenado aircraft, but it clearly happens on the Asobo C152 Aerobat.

I’d like to test it on more aircraft, but as I said in the bug report, with a 3+ minute startup time for the sim, that is massive time commitment if I get a number of CTDs.

As far as I know the seat in the back was the (main) pilot seat with most planes of that era.
And I guess it’s standardxfor flightsims to use the pilot seat as default position.

But I understand that some users would like to fly from a different seat (e.g. copilot). But as this sems to be wished by a minority I guess the chances for an implementation are quite low…


Every biplane I know is flown from the rear seat.
Even the Extra (no biplane, I know) Is flown from the backseat.

Train harder, then it will get natural.


Since changes to this model seem to be happening slowly or not at all, here are a few homebrew solutions for some of the common complaints, which take less than a minute to fix.

To get rid of the heat blur effect, create a backup copy of the aircraft.cfg and edit the file (in the microsoft-aircraft-jn4/SimObjects/Airplanes/microsoft-aircraft-jn4 folder). Delete or comment out the following two lines (adding a semicolon in front of each line causes the program to ignore that line).



To remove the squeaky throttle, backup and edit the sound.xml file (in microsoft-aircraft-jn4/SimObjects/Airplanes/microsoft-aircraft-jn4/sound) and delete the following two lines:

<Sound WwiseData="true" WwiseEvent="lever_throttle" ViewPoint="Inside" ContinuousStopDelay="1" SimVar="GENERAL ENG THROTTLE LEVER POSITION" Units="PERCENT" Index="1">

<Sound WwiseData="true" WwiseEvent="lever_throttle" ViewPoint="Inside" NodeName="ENGINE_LEVER_THROTTLE_1" ContinuousStopDelay="0.2" SimVar="GENERAL ENG THROTTLE LEVER POSITION" Units="PERCENT" Index="1">

The first is in the SimVar sounds section, the second is in the instrument foleys section.

To add a parking brake and simulate wheel chocks, simply edit the systems.cfg file and change the line
“parking brake =0” to “parking brake =1”.

In that same file, if you are finding the extremely low surface friction frustrating (this is an MSFS bug present in all light aircraft which makes them decelerate extremely slowly), change the “toe_brakes_scale=0.01” to “toe_brakes_scale =0.1”. This will allow you to hold the brakes on the ground and give a roughly correct friction coefficient, though you may need to tailor this number to your liking or the surfaces you like to fly from.

Lastly I can whole-heartedly recommend MGouge425’s realism mod, which gets the flight dynamics and performance almost perfect to the original aircraft. As those files override some of the original files, like the aircraft.cfg and systems.cfg, you will need to make changes to the Community JN-4 files instead of the Official files if you’re using that mod.


This is a very nice plane. I love it. Please notice that no 40th anniversary plane has been updated to this day.

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The Airbus A310 has recieved an update and there is another coming soon (with 100 fixes) according to IniBuilds.


A patch for Jenny has been submitted for inclusion in a future update.


Great news, thanks. Any info when we can expect the realese?

Could be sim update 12 since aircraft updates (besides AAU) are usually taken place in sim updates.


Any new updates? I see the new manual is available, but it doesn’t seem that the actual plane has been updated.

It’s still absolutely fantastic, but the flight bag would be awesome.


The plane will be updated in sim Update 12.

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There is a realism mod on btw.

Experienced pilots could work out what speed the aircraft was going at by the sound of the wind making the wires “sing”. That’s not to say that they knew they were going 40, 50, 60KTS kind of thing, but if they were in cloud and heard an increase in whistling, then they knew that they just may be heading towards the ground at a fast rate of knots.