The 1935 Douglas DC-3

Microsoft said on their recent livestream that they religiously watch these forums and obviously they see how many people love this plane. I expect a big update for the DC-3 that covers all the fixes, the same way the A310 got almost instant attention after release.

Remember, technically this is stock MSFS plane now. So…no excuses :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I’m not using that. Thanks for the tip. HOWEVER, this needs to be fixed in the basic plane. So sent to Zendesk, along with all the other issues I’ve found.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Sorry, but thanks for the best laugh I’ve had in years :smiley:

Look, MODERATORS religiously read this forum–that’s their full-time job. And they do so to make sure it stays family-friendly and that nobody ever even suggests using any of the many warplanes for, you know, actually warlike stuff. And that’s about it. It’s likely most of them don’t even play the game nor know anything about it, so can’t even understand what we’re talking about, much less know to pass it up the chain. When the devs want to know what we’re thinking, they post a poll. Nobody who actually makes decisions or writes code looks at any part of this forum except their poll results. They don’t have time for it if they want to do their actual jobs :slight_smile:

SO, if you want to make sure the various bugs you find get at least passing consideration as actual bugs, you need to start reporting these problems on Zendesk. This has been stated by the devs many times.


I (and I assume many Xbox users) would gladly pay for the livery pack on the marketplace. It would be an acceptable compromise given the limitations of the system and the extra work they have to put into it, creating the non-enhanced liveries and releasing them as a marketplace item. However, their reasoning makes no sense. They communicate as if the DC-3 didn’t already have several (but not real) liveries, not even of bad quality. It’s not like it can’t be done. And they would be paid for the work so I don’t understand the “too much work” excuse either.

But the worst is the way they communicate and how they treat their potential customers. They say we should be grateful that we got anything at all? I don’t know if it’s a language barrier on their part responsible for the crude style but this is just unprofessional from such a developer.


Well i’m glad you got your emojis out. I’m happy to oblige as always :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t talking about Zendesk or about the moderators jobs or about having to report the bugs.

I’m quoting what Jörg Neumann said on the latest livestream where he mentions that him and his team religiously watch these forums to see if people are happy with the new planes and how the general feedback is, specifically with this update hence it means a lot to them and for the sim.

So a push from Jörg Neumann to update the DC-3 ASAP doesn’t hurt if he sees this LMAO. Just kidding:)

Actually, it is not our full-time job. Moderators do not get paid to moderate these forums as we volunteer our time to help moderate. (RE: Welcome to the Public Forums!)

From what I know, every moderator (including me) plays MSFS all the time. If we didn’t-I’m not even sure we would be moderators!

The Moderator Team escalates anything on the forums that is needed for the devs to fix or think they should know to the Community Managers, who then will escalate it to MS/Asobo

In a change done earlier this year, the devs of MSFS look at the forums for bugs so they know what to fix.

Anyways, let’s get back on topic now.


If I remember correctly the adf should track any am radio station.

I am surprised by the posted comment (the FB post) from AH regarding the DC-3 on the Xbox. I feel fairly confident in saying that the DC-3 was one of the most anticipated aircraft to be included in the 40th Anniversary Edition. However, that comment has put me off as an Xbox simmer. It’s bad enough that there are PC simmers who think of Xbox simmers as second-class simmers and undeserving of the sim in general (granted that is not the entire PC community, but they’re out there), but when a 3rd Party Dev expresses similar sentiments, I have to wonder why they were brought on to provide content that they normally wouldn’t have bothered creating for the Xbox, to begin with. If I were to get a PC within the next month or two, I would not be purchasing anything from AH. I have to wonder if that’s how AH feels about the Xbox simming community, what other 3rd Party Devs feel the same way? Granted that they probably aren’t selling anything in the in-sim marketplace as they can’t be bothered to go through the process of getting it added, but now the whole thing is suspect as far as I’m concerned. Should I just stop spending money in the in-sim marketplace altogether?


I’m personally very happy that the DC-3 is in the sim on Xbox. It’s a great plane, flies very well, looks great (even if not up to par to the best), so it’s an excellent addition. But knowing the circumstances now, I thank this for Microsoft/Asobo, not AH. I’m glad Microsoft/Asobo paid and contracted AH to put in the extra work and bring it to Xbox, knowing they wouldn’t have done so themselves. I assume they got paid fairly but I also feel they’re annoyed, this was a nuisance for them. I don’t have much sympathy for developers like this. In the future, I may have a sufficient PC and play Flight Simulator there as well, however I will not buy AH products, either from the marketplace nor from external stores. I’m grateful for their DC-3 but they lost me as a future customer.

And although they like to throw around this concept that they provided the DC-3 for us “for free”, that’s not true. Nothing is free. They were paid by Microsoft and the Xbox community does have a part in making Flight Simulator as big as it is, so that Microsoft saw business sense to pay for more content in the 40th Anniversary. Our game purchases, Game Pass subscription fees and add-on purchases all played a part in that.


Everything is a nuisance for AH. When the Electra had severe problems with very basic things I dropped them a line on their YouTube video for the Electra to inform them that I would hold off on buying it until these issues are fixed.

Instead of doing what any levelheaded developer would do and saying “Don’t worry, these issues will be fixed in an upcoming update” they simply said something to the effect of “Why do you tell us this? We don’t care. There will be enough people who will buy it”.

Unfortunately I can’t look up the exact wording anymore, because they elected to turn off the comments on the video altogether. Never a good sign on any developer’s Youtube channel.

I eventually bought the Electra, the Globe Swift and the P-51 as well, and don’t regret it, but as far as customer relations go, they are the worst I’ve ever experienced. It’s unfortunate, because their model and texturing work is very good. I wish they would use their pride to make these aircraft as good as can be, instead of being utterly hurt and aggressive about any valid criticism. They definitely have the talent!

Having said all that: I think the DC-3 is a fantastic addition to MSFS, and currently one of my favourite aircraft in the sim. Is it perfect? No. Is it bad? Not at all.


After a lot of tweaking, I eventually had a very pleasing steady flight in the DC3 until…for some reason on take off, the throttle levers decided to pull back, thus aborting the take off. I cannot see where this is going wrong at all. I manually set the aircraft, carefully following instructions … puzzled!

I haven’t been familiar with the company before so maybe that’s why I was so baffled by their comments regarding Xbox. I remember IndiaFoxtEcho and how much trouble they went through to bring the F35 to Xbox – they had to decrease textures, remove systems, but they still did it, and never said a bad word about the platform (besides the obvious limitations) or the community.

Anyway, I intend to stay on topic now. :+1: Glad to have the DC-3 on my Xbox and I really enjoy learning and flying it. Looking forward to paying someone who brings great liveries to the marketplace for it. :moneybag:


wip :smiley:


Yes it will. Then again, you need to know where the towers are for that radio station on your map for that to be much help…

I suggest you head on over to the devsupport forum. I saw at least one person get “reprimanded” by someone for double posting here and at the devsupport forum. The developer specifically said they watch this forum and are aware of everything posted here, so there was no reason to post yet another post about the problem at devsupport. I was a little surprised by the comment, but… whatever. Point being, the development team DOES religiously watch this forum.

All of the moderators play the game and post here in their free time, too.
I assume you’ve seen the moderators and all the community flights they fly in on Twitch?

Guys, where can i learn operating the gyro pilot?

A very small proportion. I haven’t seen this sentiment anywhere in a longggg time. The complaint was more why was Asobo wasting their time on xbox, but that thought disappeared a long time ago. For one, I’m super happy they released on Xbox… I just wish they put more thought into getting programming for Xbox done properly so the releases for planes could work everywhere. And I wish they had long ago created a freeware marketplace so people could get access to mods from both platforms.

It’s not AH’s fault Xbox is a nuisance to develop on. It shouldn’t be. But it obviously is.
AH’s overall attitude in their responses, yeah, not very professional. But people are people. Whether they have blocked themselves out from further contracts from MS, who knows? Business is business.

My hope is, like the Milviz contract, I hope that MS owns the plane and source code now, and will be diligent in making it better and continue to work.


Updated today to v0.1.9 :

  1. Level the aircraft using regular trim.
  2. Turn the knob below the heading cards in the GP to align the top compass card in the gyro pilot to
    match card below.
  3. When the numbers (top and bottom rotating cards) are lined up click the Autopilot ON button
  4. Click the RUD button (IN) to hold current heading.
  5. Adjust climb for level flight using the “ELE” knob.
  6. To adjust heading turn the knob below the compass cards to desired heading.
    The Blue Hydraulic handle should be forward when operating the GP.