The 1947 Havilland DHC-2 Beaver

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Please use this thread to post your impressions and feedback about the 1947 Havilland DHC-2 Beaver.

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How do you hide the tablet?

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The pilot also disappears if you remove the co-pilot weight. If you put even 1lb back as the co-pilot weight the pilot reappears.

Not here. I removed the co-pilot straight away and the pilot remains.

From within a flight?

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I’m a big bush-flying enthusiast and I put many hours into the Aerosoft Beaver for FS9 and then the default one for FSX so making this the first of the 40th Anniversary planes I tried was an easy decision. Did a sightseeing loop from Ketchikan in the amphibian, taking off from the runway and landing in the water. Loved every minute! I greatly appreciate the options available in the tablet (although I can see why some would want to be able to hide it after they’ve selected everything). Impressed with the amount of clickables in the cockpit, even all of the various circuit breakers appear to work. On my final approach the engine conked out, I hadn’t paid attention to the fuel levels or switched tanks! :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: I glided down the last couple hundred feet and the landing itself was actually a non-event, none of the skipping or bouncing a lot of seaplanes do in this sim, and then I found with the water rudders extended taxiing on the water (once I switched tanks and restarted the engine) was great, no ocean liner-esque turning circles!

Thanks, Milbiz or Blackbird or whatever you’re calling yourselves now, and thanks to MS/Asobo for buying this project to put in the sim for free, I have many more hours of happy bush flying in it ahead of me!


Awesome … thank you Asobo for that beauty :heart_eyes:


The Beaver is awesome, well done! I’ll be flying this bird a lot!


Some kind of intermittent loud audio.

Think this could be a nice plane …
but …



Happy camper! Very, very happy camper!!! Although I really would like to have seen some improvement in the water physics - however, it is not going to diminish my enjoyment of this gorgeous aircraft in the air, or on wheels. Very happy camper/bush pilot IRL!!!


It’s 10x better than the way the default Asobo floatplanes act on the water.


Haven’t flown this aircraft long enough to give a full feedback, but quickview left and right aren’t correct.
I can’t look left and right in this aircraft using the left and right quickview buttons. They instead look front left and backward.


Turned out that I thought the A310 would be the best for me and the DC3 out of the 40th Anniversary stuff, but due to some dumbing down of textures on the Xbox X, this is going to be my favourite I think.

Lots of options, nicely visually and physically modelled, nice touches like anchor (great option that) and the vibrating throttle lever. And a Canoe! Nice.

Good work


First plane I flew in the update. Was NOT expecting the iPad and all the extra bells and whistles! Sounds great! Feels quite good. Looks beautiful. And has that MilViz/Blackbird quality about it.

Need more time with it, but this is the plane I have always wanted in MSFS, and now we all have it. So far, better than I expected and I had high hopes.


Love the sounds from both inside and outside :slight_smile:


I have to say this is the most pleasant surprise for me in the update. I’m not fond of old aircraft at all, but this Beaver is amazing. It looks incredible, the exterior and interior modeling is top-notch. Many liveries, the tablet functionality is fantastic, and it flies beautifully. The only thing I have to figure out is how to make the autopilot work. Other than that, this is probably the best plane in the 40th anniversary. Superb stuff. :+1:


It looks good; unfortunatley cockpit quickviews are not working.


I flew the DHC-2 Beaver only briefly in VR. The first impression was really very good. I like this aircraft very much. Great modeling and also the sound have convinced. Only the handling on the ground I found quite difficult. Thanks Asobo for this successful aircraft!


Are there manuals available?