The 737 Max is great

Im not sure but I see a lot of bad press about the 737-Max on Simmarket.
I bought it today seeing it had an update so I cant speak of before that.

Now yes it has some issues, but it flies great, has enough in the cockpit to do a decent IFR flight. Its way better than any of the default Boeings. I really hope they keep building on it, because it could easily become the payware zibo of MSFS


If this thing gets landing gear compression, I might consider it. Currently it looks just plain silly on ground with those uncompressed and way too high landing gears. BTW: I am aware that the MAX is higher above ground than the NG, but this model is just wrong, way to high above ground (simply put some images of the addon next to images of the real thing and you will instantly notice).

Then those engines. Like a little child painted them from his/her mind to a piece of paper and a 3D artist converted this childish drawing into a 3D model. Nothing like the real thing.

Rather embarrassing for an addon where the whole 3D model was not even done by the developer himself but just bought from some 3D model source (that obviously has no connection with aviation, otherwise this model just a little bit resembling a MAX 8 is not understandable).

Add the missing wing flex, the FS2004 style VC and yes, if those thing all gets updated (means basically a new 3D model…), I might consider it.


Zibo of MSFS? THIS thing? You have got to be kidding me. Its startup procedures on 1.0 (haven’t tested on 1.10) are plain WRONG. The buttons on overhead do things other than what they are supposed to do. I mean… transponder doesn’t even work. Flight plans can’t be modified in MCDU without it going insane and adding/deleting waypoints.


yes I agree with all the comments, but it does one very important thing very well… It flies very well. I rarely if ever lavish praise on this sim, or add-ons, but I have to credit to it, it flies very well, and the Auto Pilot is good too. Of Course none of it is ultra realistic, but if they keep at it it could be very good.

I believe the same topic on a third-party 737 Max of a low-rating developer just got locked or deleted. I found that thread nowhere now in this forum.

You can buy what you like, but please do not echo too much for such inferior-quality products here.

As many developers like that who don’t care much about quality and realistic would discourage other serious and high-rating developers to join and offer good things to simmers.


i’ve heard this has 787 instruments with 747 sounds and a $250 blender model for an exterior. Then the Interior was hobbled together and put on simmarket for $20. I would fly this if it were freeware because that’s about how much effort went into this. I’m waiting for a real 737 MAX pilot to fly this and be like “this is all wrong.”

Personally i don’t know better. I thought it looked cool, though I was told to stay away. And the reasons make sense to me.


This topic actively encourages third party developers to not care about quality of their products, because you send them signal that you’ll buy it anyway, no matter quality. Thanks for making things worse for everyone.


Gee I dont know, or does it depend on who says it?? I said this and it got down voted!! Its all a bit weird around here. I agree, but sadly what do you expect when the this is pretty much what the SDK allows!
Please see this thread?

but in case you cant be bothered this is what I said, only for it to get down voted

Keep defending and eating up garbage, you will keep being fed garbage. If ASOBO dont start taking the SDK and the sim seriously and dont stop riding on the ignorance of the new blood then this will just keep going on, and the sim will go bye bye.

I have said this for a long time. Quite simply the only way to solve this is for ASOBO to fix up. Whilst it is still acceptable to have 1/2 baked add-ons put out because of the usual excuse “Oh the SDK is not finished” people are going to run with that and try their chances, I see a lot of new simmers here who dont really know, like just looking at the A380 picture, there are only 2 throttles for 4 engines, why would you want that? and this is where FS is a game and not a sim when this is accepted.

Anyway I could go on, those of you who want a sim will understand, those who just want to play a game will not. But either way ASOBO are the key to fixing 99% of the bad things about this sim and it starts with getting the SDK up to a standard where buying a simple GA plane like the Lionheart Tobago is not fraught with issues that relate back to the SDK such as having no doors that open when it is possible, or having to have cockpit lights on in the day time to have your lights on outside! Only when this stops will all the garbage stop and the community will police it themselves. There is just no incentive to put out any quality when you have the excuse of the base sim not being 100%

Anyway feel free to mis-interpret my post and flame away!


Thankfully we have CRJ coming, that should keep us busy in meantime.

do you know when the CRJ is landing?

No one knows, I am waiting as well. I am staying far away from any Bredok3D’s models.

Fair enough, I stand by what I said however, it flies really well.

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While it may fly well (since it copies flight model from 787), systems and interior modeling are just… erm. Just no.


wow really? So its not even a developed Flight Model? If true that’s a shame. I thought the 787 was encrypted? Oh well. Even though it is still ok in my book

Third party devs that are in partner program have access to premium content assets and code.

I think people should stop using the state of the SDK as an excuse for this kind of stuff. Doubt there’s anything in the SDK that prevents aircraft from having decently modeled exteriors and interiors, as well as somewhat functional systems. While the SDK may be limited in some areas, Aerosoft (at least from what we’ve seen), FBW, and Carenado have all put it to use and created some great additions to the sim. Also, bearing in mind that the advanced SDK took what, one year (?) to be released for FSX, I think we just need to be patient. FSX and Xplane have had their fair share of poor quality, overpriced addons as well cough Abacus 787 cough, so I don’t think it’s fair to assume MSFS will somehow be safe from low quality addons like this.


sorry but its a complete rip off, its using stuck together objects from other aircraft, including Airbus! The outside is just thirdparty purchased… its not even worth freeware its that bad, if you want to waste your money thats your choice but no one should go anywhere near this… flybywire have done fantastic things for free… these guys are taking the complete ■■■■.


I just can’t believe people are giving this “developer” money. This should be a freeware and it’s totally not worth a single penny. You are encouraging possible future scams because of this. People who give good reviews to this, are you new to the flight sim community ? Do you know what is worth buying and what is not ? Have you seen worthy freeware content ? This should be reported by any means. Unacceptable.


Well I’m not new to the community, and so I bought and flew it many times since the update yesterday for the UK. No crashes and beautiful handling. And BTW, the developer is a partner of Microsoft, and yes all sims plane addons use some of the default parts anyway, for years ! There are fabulous paints for them and and I ienjoy it. Gives a break from flying the default airbus and I can mimick real 737 max flights Cu rently with it. Who cares. At least that’s a satisfaction till pmdg.


So what? Because is a partner of Microsoft then is acceptable?

You do with your money whatever you want. But this product does not deserve the stars it has on simmarket. This was the idea all along, this guy knew people would not wait for PMDG and made this BS and it makes me mad that people are paying for this. Not deserved at all.