The Alps look much better

Yup, that’s the post.

It looks like they corrected the round tops that ruined the Alps. They are still far from perfect (the peaks on the left they are still way too round), but now some the mountains are starting to look like real ones, and that’s very cool :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for them to get the same kind of details as in the US, that will be awesome :slight_smile:

(btw I recommend real weather, even when it’s crappy, it really adds to the experience)


Wow amazing

The Alps are my playground of FSX, but the first time that I visited in MSFS, I was disappointed to be honest and didn’t go back. A pity because there are some brilliant approaches and airfields. This makes me feel better and I look forward to getting back in the saddle soon. It is a wonderful place to fly.

Yes, the Alps were a major disappointment for me as well. But you can try the Pyrénées, they are lower mountains, but they are very well modeled.

So it seems like it was not only me who noticed a little improvements about some mountains definition… that is cool!
But i think they will improve them even further, since this is a scheduled wip for 2021. :wink:


Definitely improved. Innsbruck has now a recognizable Martinswand :slight_smile:

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I find that although the mountains are more defined, they now keep changing shape, popping in and out of focus etc. I am running everything on ultra except grass and trees, and render scaling of 150.

If you have the same problem, please vote here: Mountains continually changing shape and popping up and down

Although there is a bit of noticeable morphing, it’s way less pronounced than in FSX/P3D.

I got bad cloud/fog chop in FSX through the Alps(ORBX GLOBAL FTX & VECTOR installed)
Still some breathtaking moments flying over them though

They look fantastic actually.

You’re definitely right, but as we noticed with some others, mountains are looking better kind of everywhere in the world. I’m flying quite often over Himalaya, and it’s wayyyy better than before. Look the K2 before and after the modification !

Still some glitches though, but it on a very good way :wink:

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Piz Bernina

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