The B787 Has Improved Dramatically via the HEAVY MOD

I am NOT a content provider, so no judging on this video… but I did an amazing flight with the mod’ed B787 using Heavy’s updated mod. If you haven’t tried the 787 with this mod, you’re missing out. They’ve managed to make the plane more functional and it flies great.


Great video… really like the 787, flown on it many times. I will check out the mod.

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Where can one get this mod?


GitHub - Heavy-Division/B78XH: B78XH is an open source and free modification of default Boeing 787-10 in Microsoft Flight Simulator.


I just realized that the 787 is only available in the Premium Edition MSFS2020, which I don’t have. Is that plane available for purchase separately?

No, unfortunately.

All we need now is a sound mod. Hopefully some sound guys get motivated to join the Heavy team


Sounds great - only $2? Or we have to pay each month?

But what of all the talk that the Premium planes could not be modded because they were encrypted and hidden beneath the mountains of Zeus, inaccessible to mere mortals?

This is why it’s amazing – he is mod’ing it without touching a single encrypted file. Again, I don’t think we’ll ever have this study level until Asobo does something… but it’s better than default.


You pay 2 bucks, get access to the file and can cancel the subscription at any time.

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Ooh. Is it any good though? I watched the youtube video on the site and sounds okay. Still better to get opinions of those who’ve tried. Hope it’s good.

I’ve been flying the 787 with the Heavy mod for months now. Glad you finally discovered it @moxiejeff

I’ve been flying it for a few months, too. Not new, just has been newly updated with more features. :wink:

I’m about to test and will report back. It’s a bit of a process to install though.

Well, after following all instructions, the sim just crashes to desktop. So not impressed. Save your $2 for now. :slight_smile:

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I just tried the heavy mod and the sound mod. No crash for me.

Do you mind sharing your exact steps?

I downloaded everything.
Moved the one .fssrchives file out of the folder (per instructions)
Then ran the python part.

Crashes to desktop every time now.

Have you used the fix1 file?

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