The Balkan states

When I heard that the whole world was 3d mapped I was super happy. One of the few reasons it made me get this game over xplane 11 witch I had with more than 500gb of scenery. The moment got in the game after the 10+ h install (my ethernet is ■■■■) I started a flight above the Balkan states and was disappointed to see the world data for that region was 2000-2015. The airports were all wrong. BKPR Kosovo’s airport had the main terminal not even useable with no taxiway and jetways jut a big block.
I know that this is a small region where people don’t fly over or into that mutch but it still an area with beautiful sites and historical at that. I know you have a lot of other stuff to fix but please consider making a new update to this region. Thank you in advance.

I understand totally!

I like also Pristina due our RL disaster from 2006 Slovak Air Force An-24. I don’t know what was happened to scenery or other things, now really don’t care because of big chaos inside this product…

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I would like to see new updates for balkan.
In my country, Croatia half of buildings are missing or have bunch of errors. Even huge skyscraper has bunch of errors.
Please new update…


Being born in Balkans as well (Bosnia) I agree it needs some work, but hey this is the best Ive seen my home land look in any sim…

Think a little bit bigger, please. It is not only your country in Europe that needs an update, so World Update Europe: yes, anytime please!

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In the Balkans, I have only been to Croatia, but I thought it was beautiful. I had a chance to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina a few years ago, but the timing didn’t work out. This is definitely a region of the world I wish to explore more of, both in the sim and in reality. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s a shame when the airports aren’t quite right. I’d put in a zendesk ticket with the issues. I’ve done the same and included the curve details to help out. There so many airports and airfields that there will be things not quite right (reluctant when the underlying satellite photos are a few years old in some cases).

I’m currently completing my round Europe flight and the Balkans are next up.

not sure how Slowenians feel about it, in Austria they hava a saying everything south of Vienna is Balkan… :rofl:
We need a modder to tackle the highest chimney of Europe, its in Bing but Azure completely misses it ( GSP 46,125893, 15,061340)

see that:

Slovenia chimney climb: Janja Garnbret and Domen Škofic scale the world’s tallest artificial multi-pitch route - CNN

must be a VFR-landmark for miles around and an exciting landing spot for upcoming choppers…

Guy from Montenegro here.Balkan needs an update.Its a big chunk of Europe,and needs facelift


pretty good chance this is already included in the ‘We love VFR’ mod from


You rang?

My addon adds also 30.000 more chimneys and many other objects all over Europe. You may like it.


excellent add-on thanks a lot, guess you could even go down inside (!) that chimney :rofl:

look at the Karlsruhe Power Station (Germany, at Rhine river):

Sim - very well done except the chimneys:

You can’t go into a chimney but you could land on it with a helicopter. They have simple collisions.

In the case of Karlsruhe, I put my chimneys there, but they are only visible without photogrammetry. Keeping my chimneys when photogrammetry is on, would create conflicts in many places. I’m considering adding manual override for places like this. Another problem is that the photogrammetry area is usually smaller than the area that the photogrammetry detection area. What I mean is when a chimney or mast is near a photogrammetry area, it can be disabled even not being within a real photogrammetry area.

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Hello good people.

I would really like to see this beautiful part of the world being updated in the future.
Istanbul, Athens or Belgrade covered with photogrammetery. Oh, I wish :slight_smile:

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yeah…I wish that too. Where r u from ?

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Please vote than :slight_smile: I’m from Belgrade…

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Sure :slight_smile: That would be nice…

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Just did. BTW…I’m from Slovenia (služio JNA 89/90). I’m really disappointed that nobody has created a LYBE scenery yet…we have LJLJ and so many croatian airports sceneries, two in montenegro…but no Belgrade…only Niš…( sačekaj care :grinning: )


+1 from Balkan, Doboj.

Ivusenko, you made that Belgrade v4 scenery?

I am using it and it is very nice. But it would be even better to have complete Belegrade in photogrametry.

Also bigger Balkan cities, like Sarajevo, Zagreb, Banja Luka, Novi Sad and some other.

Like Pavel wrote, I’m also disappointed that there is no yet LYBE done. I am waiting for ORBX becaue there is LYBE for P3D and it is fantastic.

Only reason which is on my mind why there is no LYBE yet, because curently, airport is being extended, new tower is in progress. There should be new terminals building, one new runway will be added, new aprons, taxiways and general overhaul. So the one who would make LYBE doesn’t know what it will be final look and it must be updated in relativly short time.

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Tnx! Yes, I’ve created Belgrade freeware scenery and cant wait to see LYBE scenery from ORBX. Dubrovnik, Sofia, Thessaloniki. So much beautiful cities waiting for photogammetery :slight_smile:

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