The Concorde truly was a beautiful bird

Note that these were taken using a pre-release version of DC Design’s Concorde. Additionally, I did post-process the screenshots.



Without a FMS and using old school navigation, I wouldn’t have a clue how to fly it! :joy:

How to fly this plane without FMS? Only Vor?

I’m confused around which liveries we will be getting. You seem to show the 1990s livery and 1980s livery. Are we getting the current British Airways livery too?

By looking at the stars in the night sky, with a pair of compasses and with this…


It does also include the current BA livery.

This made me lol :wink:


I really like it! Just too it for a shot flight from KJFK to KORF. Flew from the seat of my pants but managed to do a decent landing in KORF. Wasn’t really sure what speed to land at so I came in fast, about 210, but maybe that is right. Not sure that this thing can fly slower than that.

Time to look at the Operations Manual before my next flight.

For those asking, the plane comes with four liveries. Two British Airways, an Air France and a Singapore Airlines.


Here is a full tutorial for the Concorde AFCS/AP if interested.

Concorde FULL Autopilot Tutorial - DC Designs - Microsoft Flight Simulator - YouTube

chef kiss Simtom with the beautiful shots once again.

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Final approach speed for the real aircraft was 160kts with 10.5 degrees attitude.