The current camera system is a disaster

If I want to create a wing view, I just navigate to the cabin from the cockpit, set up the view and save it. I usually use numpad1 for the left wing and numpad3 for the right wing. So I can recall these with one single keystroke, a “one key bind” and no need to go to the showcase camera.

Now, depending on the developer of the aircraft, they may have set up a “barrier” between cockpit and cabin, meaning you can’t natively move to the cabin, in which case yes, you need to modify the camera CFG file temporarily to allow you to get outside the cockpit and reload the aircraft.

I’m not saying the camera system doesn’t need work. It absolutely does. I’m just saying that it’s not as bad as you’re trying to make out.


i agree with you,but those are basic function,they never fix those plenty of bugs ,and never open the api,the attitude is unacceptable at all

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I definitely agree with that. I’d just rather they’d fix actual bugs and give us a stable sim before bringing in new features.

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A lot in the sim, including the camera system, would be much better if the settings and bindings were named more sensible and if the controls menu was designed more user-friendly and with more creativity than a long list with 100s of sub-menus. I’m not a native english speaker but in 20 years of knowing the language quite okay-ish and with many english-speaking friends I have never heard of “translate” as “moving” something. I found it in the dictionary to have that meaning, too. Going through the settings there are many such names that made me look them up just to shake my head afterwards. It’s even worse if one uses the german version of the game. The description of the camera system makes no sense at all, it’s a wild guess of what it will do. And worst but not least (or so :wink: ) the camera window in the ingame menu bar must have been created by someone who just had to finish the job and move on to the next task. It just makes no sense to design a camera system like that. The basic idea behind all that to give maximum freedom to move and assign custom views to every aircraft is fine, really… But like so much in this sim the design decision is disastrous.


A Flight Simulator without a Tower view…
The guys that developed MSFS have probably never played with MS FSX.


@Ephedrin87 we agree on the bad documentation around camera options. These little texts say nothing

The menu camera popup is not handy (sliders are too short) and it is too slow… I use the key bindings for the drone camera. You can change rotation velocity and speed using key bindings, I have zoom percentage assigned to - and + so I don’t need that silly little window.

Screenwise, the MSFS camera works perfectly imho. I don’t see many real bugs actually. Some things


  • initially, you get some arbitrary camera zoom in the cockpit, it is different for every aircraft
  • when upper position camera in cockpit, don’t tilt the cam view downward
  • when upper position camera in cockpit allow ceiling to be the limit
  • allow toggle cockpit instruments on screen while in drone camera and plane is controlled


  • give us a screenshot key. It sets Ultra+, waits 5 sec, snap image, then back to previous mode
  • copy current drone camera coords longitude/latitude (text) to clipboard with a keypress
  • in the camera keyboard settings, could you please show relevant text to explain drone options ?
  • bookmarks and in/out for drone camera ? upgrade the forum tutorial for current version
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I cannot understand what happens when i press insert end insert. Sometimes it moves me back to the drone cam. Sometimes it moves to another view. Very confusing. Imho, x-plane nailed it with its simplicity.

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Yet we still don’t have a solid official answer on this one…:roll_eyes:

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exactly. the FSX camera is simple and intuitive. so was the replay /flight recording. Why couldn’t these things just be kept remotely similar to how they always have been?

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It is a well understood meaning but I don’t think you would ever hear that in conversation. It’s more a mathematical term and precisely describes what the camera is doing for that option.

… but, I also agree the camera system is a nightmare to use! Someone was telling me an xbox controller works well for working the camera.

We (//42) are the creator of ChasePlane, the go-to camera system for FSX and P3D.

Since day 1 after release we have been asking Asobo/Microsoft to create a camera API so that 3rd party developers have the ability to enhance the experience.

With the full force of the community, we need to make them realize that something like a camera API would make everyone’s experience so much better.

Please take some time and vote this wish up: Fix / Support Camera API in SimConnect


no,they will not,i think they are very very satisfact about the camera system they design,no mom will hate her baby ,in some Q&A ,it looks like they think the camera system is so perfect,i think they really need to play their game with this ridiculous camera system ,they do not willing to creat the camera api and they do not fix bugs or improve the camera system,i have no words to this,for TWO years,what Asobo thinking about?

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Agree. Since each aircraft external camera is different from one another, it would be nice for the game to remember the same camera spot where each aircraft is left at for the next map.

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chaseplane is too much better!

So true. It’s for me the only major flaw in the whole MSFS experience.
As stated before, It really misses a “Fly By” and Tower view.

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I suppose that everybody complaining about the replay has given their suggestions in this topic:

I must be a lone voice, but I like the camera system. If you are new to simming and haven’t knonw other sims that work in different ways, then it is entirely intuitive. I think the whole “make it like x plane” thing is a lot like asking apple to stop using the command key and be more like windows.

The drone camera is a joy to use with an xbox controller

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i don’t agree with you.why “apple” can not do something making the camera system more like “windows”? if you ask 10 people which camera system is better i think 8-9 will vote for xplane,the perspective “make it like x plane” is wrong , everyone knows xplane have a better camera system, just for the reason "msfs is msfs ,it can not have the good features like xplane , so ,i know which part is better , but for the DIFFERENCE ,i will not do that,i think it’s ridiculous ,i think Asobo completly don’t know what is really need for this “apple”

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Doesn’t your drone camera tilt to right or left when flying around?

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I hate the Camera system in this sim, Its not one bit user freindly and very jerky. I hope this is improved in the future.

Think the OP should start a wishlist thread on this.

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