The fate of unfinished aircraft Garmin systems...both vanilla and 3rd party?

I see little effort being applied to finish off the details of the Garmin systems by either the Microsoft team for their vanilla version or the Working Title version in collaboration with MS.
Actually, regarding the Garmin 3000 I’ve had to downgrade as I’m now forced to use the original MS vanilla version as the Working Title version is not fully compatible with SU9. It seems that Microsoft has delegated the responsibility for improving the Garmin to the Working Title group…so shouldn’t there be some accountability?
How does one communicate with the Working Title group?

They have a dedicated Discord server and they have covered this topic there several times.


If you’re not seeing anything about this, you’re definitely not looking in the right place. There are threads on the forum dedicated to this, plus WT have a very active Discord server where there’s a lot of discussion on this subject.

But the TLDR of it is:

The WT G1000 NXi in the marketplace will be the eventual replacement for the stock G1000. That’s why the stock version is not being updated / improved. You’re really expected to use the WT version, which is amazing all around.

The WT G3000 is actually getting a complete workover with the new nav / flight plan system built by WT for the G1000 NXi. Its next major version will also be in the marketplace later this year with plans for it to eventually replace the stock version.

Same goes for the GNS units and the G3X.


I think the last ~6 months have been frustrating for people who were used to getting frequent incremental updates to WT’s Garmins, and it’s fair that people are getting a little antsy, especially TBM/Longitude fans. But we just have to be patient at this point.


I can see frustration for the G3000 which has received nothing but minor compatibility releases. Although I’m not sure what the OP means that it isn’t compatible with SU9 and he had to downgrade. As far as I know, plenty of folk are using the WT G3000 still without issue on SU9.

The sad part of this is that we’ll be losing Navigraph functionality in the next version of the G3000. It’s now considered a 1st party MS product and MS has a licensing agreement with NavBlue, not Navigraph. So that functionality has to be removed. Ditto for Navigraph charts in the upcoming refresh of the WT CJ4.

LOL there will just end up being mods for the mods.

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I certainly hope someone does that, because to me that’s a huge step backwards losing that functionality.

IMHO, Microsobo hitched their wagons to the wrong horses going with NavBlue, MeteoBlue, etc when pretty much any other provider is better.


Thanks guys for all this great feedback, it answered my questions!
I must correct my OP…the SU9 incompatibility is not with Garmin, it’s with Mugz/msfs_tbm930_project, Using Reverb G2 VR, I’m having depth issues when moving the mouse over some buttons, switches and dials. Usually this gets corrected quickly after each SU update, but his work is on hold.

Wow, I did not know this would be occurring.

Having just gotten access to Navigraph via the custom G3000 in the HondaJet, that is a major drag to hear.

HJet’s G3000 is BASED on WT’s. It’s a custom modified G3000 for that plane. It will keep charts. But unless they make changes, it won’t use the new nav system when it’s launched later this year.

From the WT Discord’s #garmin channel for official source on the HJet.

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Personal Comments

It’s important to know that until WT completes the circle of ripping out the legacy Flight Planning logic inside the core sim code, all the WT changes to FMS, not just Garmin, but also Rockwell-Collins CJ4, remain in Early Access. Recall too that WT made a commitment to improve FMS on additional Premium and Deluxe planes (although no specific models were mentioned). Then also improvements to ATC. So the Working Title Aero portfolio is full of commitments to move matters forward.

Understand too, that Jorg’s comments to slow Sim Updates will have cascade effects on WT. If for example, they are waiting for SU11 and 12 before commiting out the revised G3000 and CJ4, that push could result in not seeing those FMS improvements until 2023. People want things slowed down, expect a cascade effect. Everything in the sim is connected.


Agree, it’s not until all the features are implemented we will see the sim getting more stable anyway. It feels better to bring in the new features sooner than later and then focus on fixing smaller issues. That my opinion.

I figured that the HJet was a special case, but I was thinking more about having the WT G3000 across the board on Xbox and, as such, not ever getting access to the Navigraph data on similarly equipped aircraft.

C’est la vie.

You can’t get the existing G3000 on Xbox since it’s a standalone mod not in the marketplace. So right now, that’s not even remotely an option unless a dev integrated it with their plane as they did with the HJet.

Once the new WT-designed G3000 hits the marketplace, it’s no longer a WT 3rd party add on. It’s an official 1st party Microsoft add-on. Due to licensing, you can’t get Navigraph on that. So once again, Xbox users will get shafted on that one.

Perhaps someone will “mod the mod” so to speak and add Navigraph support back in. But again, Xbox is going to be left out of that unless that mod hits the store and is Xbox compatible.

Yes, to all of what you said, hence my feelings of disappointment.

We’re left out of the current iteration and all it brings.

We’ll be left out of any mod to the mod, as well.


It’s a platform limitation unfortunately. Unless someone brings a mod to the marketplace.

So 8 yrs maybe?

I’ll be a senior citizen by then.

Ten year project. I don’t think it’ll be towards the end, but who’s to really say? I’ll be close to retirement myself and definitely will be on the next PC generation upgrade.

Did I read that correctly: Working Title is doing an update to the GNS530/GNS430? (I know there’s a mod for the GNS530 but I’m not interested in using that one.) I’d be interested to see what they’re doing with the GNS530 at the very least. Hopefully they don’t rely entirely on discord to provide updates? Not everyone is on discord.