The flight route is not loaded on the plane

Good afternoon. when loading an airplane in the game, the route is not loaded into the onboard computer. The simulator has an A320ph mod installed. Re-Installed Windows. Made one flight. Again, the routes disappeared. Help!!!

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I moved this post out of #bugs-and-issues:bugs-and-issues-misc as that section of the forum is for default sim aircraft only and your post mentioned you were using “A320ph mod installed”.

Perhaps someone else here can help advise you. I am not familiar with the mod you describe!

I’m sorry. The mod is called A320nx

the problem is that in any plane, the route is not visible. The mini-map also does not display the route.

I can suggest showing the screen in discord

I recorded a video of the problem

Hmm it is strange that this issue is happening with the A320NX mod and also ‘any plane’ as you say. I am not experiencing this issue, including with the latest A320NX version.

If you are using the MS store version of MSFS then you could try and ‘repair’ the app under advanced app settings. Don’t use the ‘reset’ option as this could delete the in game downloaded data, but ‘repair’ app won’t delete that.

I already reinstalled windows. I installed the simulator and addon again. made one flight. and after that, the routes disappeared again

I was typing as you were posting that video… I do not experience that issue with the A320NX mod.

Two possibilities- try and download the latest A320NX mod or alternatively try the ingame flight planner and see if that creates a flight plan for you.

The video clearly shows an issue with your installation of the flybywire mod and you could seek help on their discord server:

Thanks. I will look for the problem there now

I talked to an experienced person using your link. He couldn’t find the problem. Can you help? I think the problem is in a single file, because the flight plan is not displayed in any model aircraft

Are you using the default map planner to make the route?
If not, what are you using?

in the simulator. I don’t use any other programs

I’m not the only one with this problem. There are people who can’t set up routes either. This problem is directly in the game files. That’s why we need the help of the game DEVELOPER

Well if you want to wait for them, I’m sure they will jump right out of their office just for you. (PS: they don’t monitor the forum)
If you don’t want to wait, post a video right from when you are on the start up screen of the sim (with the map) showing how you make your plan.
Maybe that may give some additional info to be able to help you, if that 's not asking too much.
Personally, I have spent a fair amount of time on this forum, and this is one I haven’t heard about before.

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Ok next questions,
Did you try to empty the community folder, and then try the sim, it seems like you may have some conflict.
Does it happen when you start on the runway rather than cold and dark?
If you load rather than create a flight plan does the route show up?
Did you try with the A320 mod to load a Simbrief plan directly into the FMC?

I deleted the community folder. and reinstalled the A320nx. about loading on the band. Monitors don’t work. I’ll make a video now. The flight plan was created only through the simulator

According to my observations, I understand that the problem should be looked for in the flight (route) creation file. It is located in the folder C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\MISSIONS\Custom\customflight