The Goose Flies Again

Will this require switching to Legacy Flight Model?

With the Catalina being quite similar you may find this story interesting:

This looks amazing – looking forward to it!

I was hoping for the Spruce Goose. #disappointedagain

SO looking forward to this one!

I am very excited about this! An amphibious aircraft, with steam gauges, with an autopilot, and no GPS. Perfect combo for my favorite style of flying.


Looking forward to this!

Yes and they are beautiful. Wow!

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I (a few years ago) worked with Pam on a few of my models, she’s great! Really looking forward to this.

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An airplane I had the pleasure of flying for 4 hours in real life… its a neat bird. Too bad the water physics in sim right now ■■■■! Nice work.

Since the Spruce Goose only flew once and never left the ground effect it is highly likely that it cannot really fly at all. :slight_smile:

we will definitely need a “Cutter’s Goose” and a “Loose Goose” livery. After all I’ll have to go look for the Bora Gora Gold Monkey and the Mitimotu Idol :smiley:

1 Like clearly you never heard about the time Yogi Bear stole the Spruce Goose. Flew like a dream

:smiley: then I guess we urgently need Yogi Bear as the only living expert of the flight characteristics

One of my favorite amphibians in FSX! So glad to see someone is working on this!

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Just for clarification: is this going to be a paid-for addon, or freeware? If payware, any idea about the price yet?
Looking forward to this either way :slight_smile:

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Looks good chap :+1:

Supermarine Walrus next? :wink:

This MUST remain freeware :slight_smile: So look forward to an AWESOME FREE christmas present!


would love to see more radial powered craft like B-17, B-29, good ole DC-3 and other warbirds from WW2.

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HAHA Sorry I ahve too much of a love afair with Grumman and DeHavilland Canada. :wink: