The Goose Flies Again

The legendary Pam “warchild” Booker and I are getting pretty close to a release on the OzX Goose Redux HD for MSFS (phew what a mouthful), though we might need to change the working title. Pam remains the only active member of the OzX team who updated the original FSX Goose and we’ve spent a lot of time with this beauty making her even better for MSFS by replacing all of the old 2D XML Instruments with 3D Gauges, upscaling all of the textures to 4K using AI Upscaling and creating PBR textures for all of the liveries as well.

Cruising around Port Phillip Bay in Victoria Australia

Parked at Latrobe Valley

This was taken halfway through the 2D XML replacement

Closeup of the Pilots main instruments and annunciator panel.

We should have this out (preliminary release) for everyone by Christmas with final updates finished early in the New Year. The development board can be seen here: Grumman Goose for MSFS

We stand on the sholders of Giants and the beauty of this bird is a testament to the original developers and then the OzX Team who took her to the next level.

I should say also that this is a FULL native conversion and not a port-over.


Gee - this post looks familiar! :wink:

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Gotta get the word out :smiley:


What happened to the pictures?

Nothing why? They’re still there for me.

Because they look like this on my end. I don’t have issues viewing screenshots in other threads.

Looks exciting

Not sure man. Doesn’t look like other folks have any issue. I’ll try do something later with them to see if that helps you.

That’s interesting. I looked around the Settings and didn’t see anything that would make sense.

Finaly a bird with a set of real ENGINES !! :heart_eyes:

Thank you for your work !



Radials or bust mate!


OK Just redid the pics. Can you see them now?

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One yourpowerwordhere of a beaty! Looking forward to flying your model, its really well made! :+1:

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OMG I love this!!

Looks awesome, I could see my self doing a tour of the lakes in my area with this!

No problems with pics in the 1st post.
Twin radials & steam gauges! :+1:
Excellent work.
Thank you.

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Looks fantastic @OzWookiee! :sunglasses:

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The bestest christmas present ever, This was a great emulation of the goose which gave me a lot of fun. I really look forward to it here…there are lots of places to use and abuse it.

Looking forward to this plane. Any thoughts to the later varient, UF-1G/2G with Coast Guard livery?

Perhaps silly but is there any plan to include an interior passenger section like someone did for the Grumman Mallard for FSX?