The graphic of the runway is updated in the last moment before landing

Hello Together
I often have the problem that the graphics of the runway are not updated until the last part of the final, which is very annoying especially with grass runways.
Is this a graphic setting? or is it a problem that the internet connection loads the graphic too slowly? (40MB down)

Thanks for a few tips!

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LOD update when very close? What graphics settings are you running?

I am also having this issue, maybe the question is - which graphics setting specifically affects this, and if it is LOD - what should I set it to?

Hello hobanagerik my settings are between high and ultra. self optimized so that i currently have a smooth flight with my settings. what do you mean by LOD? thanks!

this is exactly my question with which setting I (or we) can prevent this effect.

Use Anisotropic 8x and Texture Sampling 4x4, it might help in this case.

I’ve posted some more information which you could try out for smooth fps:

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hello CptLucky8 thanks for your feedback, your thread is still in my readlist :wink: i want to read the whole thing, because i have about the same setup! thanks for your contribution!

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I wish there was a higher LOD priority specifically for runways and windsocks - it’s hard to line up on a runway that’s a blurry mess, and the windsocks clearly pop when you’re within a few hundred feet… They need to be visible a half mile away - with the correct orientation and animation.


You might want to try opening this file in notepad:


Then change the distance:


I believe it is in meters

It is supposed to limit the distance to which they are animating and I don’t know if this will be helping the issue you’re describing but why not trying?

My thoughts exactly, even if everything looks blurry because ppl have no option to set their graphics settings to ultra low, the RUNWAY should be drawn ok, No?


At least the runway you’ve announced you’re landing at…

Great constructive contribution


Do you have a link to a tool to create the metadata files associated with putting a directory into Community, so we don’t have to write over the base game files?

No, I’m doing it manually! These are very simple json files (if there are not too many files to be referenced) and I just manually add up individual file sizes for the entry telling what is the folder size.

Yea I saw the file size one and was like… do I really have to.

Will give it a shot today - thanks!

@Kjdsider2 - you can just comment out the original value so you don’t forget what it was…


This seemed to help - and didn’t crash the game :wink:
I’ll keep banging on it - thanks for the lead.



@Kjdsider2 - if you don’t want to overwrite the original file, just duplicate the path structure in Community instead of OneStore. I haven’t tested it, but it seems to override the default files.