The "How Big is your Screenshot Folder" Thread

This can be such a beautiful Sim at times, I find I’m reaching for the F12 key (bound to a button to make life easier) quite often, turns out too often:

Folder = 124mb

Of Screenshots = 485

Reminds me of when I played Elite: Dangerous, did the same thing with that!

How spooky. I literally just fired up Elite on my BBC emulator. Commander Jameson.


I think it would be cool to start seeing some of everyone’s favorite screenshots. Could inspire places to fly?

Check this out for that

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~5k and growing by the day

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Not exactly what I was thinking. Forza for example as a dedicated forum just for photography. Maybe that doesn’t have a place in a flight sim but this one is so beautiful you could get some amazing shots.

Ahhh the original Elite on the BBC! Absolutely revolutionary! And no CTD either … oh wait, there was no D in those days…

I only have 145Mb and 205 files in my screenshot directory (sorry, I should say ‘folder’ shouldn’t I); but I’ve never wanted to keep screenshots of any game I’ve played before…

Currently 54 shots for 140 MB. I go through it periodically and clean it out.