The marketplace desperatly needs quality control ASAP

I made the mistake of buying the msscenery A10 thinking the marketplace was a safe, curated place. It’s garbage. Tried to get a refund via Steam, they said no, tried to get a refund via MS, nope. They should be embarrassed they allow ■■■■ like this to even be sold in their official marketplace, it cheapens the entire franchise. But then again, we live in a age where no one gives a ■■■■ anymore…


The closest to a “curated” marketplace would be the store fronts of devs that also sell 3rd party products like the Orbx Store or the Just Flight Store. Not that everything in those stores is perfect by any means but at least it works.

The general marketplaces like the “in game MS Marketplace” or ones like SimMarket are definitely NOT curated. They sell some good stuff and some utter rubbish. They are very much Buyer Beware.

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Just got a refund from MS for the absolutely horrendous Bredok 737-MAX. I will never buy another one of their products.


All it needs a working rating system which is kind of working now, just needs time and more volume and i think ratings will be pretty accurate.
And easy refund system. Just have a refund button somewhere in a convenient place, no questions asked, you click refund, fill in the reason (which shouldn’t matter, just for feedback purposes or you could leave it blank) and you get your money back.

Definitely needs a demo/trial mode

How do you request a refund?

I think as much content should be accepted to the marketplace as possible, it just needs better functions in place to protect buyers.

The problem is, what’s deemed terrible by one user may be perfectly acceptable by another’s standards. So unless something literally doesn’t work or crashes the game, I’m not sure what could be done in terms of quality assurance.

I do think it’s down to the buyer to research what they’re buying, however this would be made infinitely easier and fairer if only the marketplace had the ability to leave and read written reviews. I also have yet to see any video trailers of products via the marketplace (I could be wrong), which would tell a much better story than 10 images on a product page gallery.

I’d also like to see more information on each product page about the developer, with an average star rating thats based on all of their products across the marketplace. This would really highlight the good stuff from the bad.

Long story short, the marketplace is just a bit tacky and not particularly built for integrity.

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it would be a better option if you buy something and the content is ■■■■, that you have the possibility to got a refund within 24 hours and the content will automatically delete from your ingame marketplace and will be useless for yourself; yes i understand the developer becaus in black market or torrent database file sharing; but this not protect the honest buyer. Iam buyed the 737-MAX also, and its really ■■■■■■■■, so what happens, 25 bucks for the trash

I wanted that, did one Google search and learnt it was trash the easy way. Not saying you should have to do this but it does pay off. Literally…

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Since the refund function has not been opened yet, I suggest that responsible developers should provide an experience version for us to decide whether to buy. Some developers will not tell you what the shortcomings of the product are and what they can’t do. They command to tell you their best part, which makes it difficult for our buyers to measure the value of the product.

In real life, all goods can be seen. We can choose e-commerce shopping. We can refund without any reason within 7 days after receiving the goods, and only guarantee that it will not affect the secondary sales of goods. For the game we buy on steam, you can refund if you don’t like it within the specified time. These methods are standardized. At present, there is no reference to the price of works developed by third parties. They do whatever they want, and the quality is good or bad. We can only take a chance.

Maybe there are some relevant evaluation videos on the network, but it’s obvious that I can’t determine whether the evaluation people have received the benefits of developers. Moreover, everyone has different needs, different aesthetics and different focus. Some people think it’s good and others think it’s bad. This is everyone’s freedom of choice.

Therefore, I suggest opening the limited time refund function, or before that, developers should publish the experience version or beta version on the relevant download website for everyone to experience. Instead of testing internally and claiming that we have completed it, SLC is an example of indefinite delay after the buyer puts forward opinions.

We need transparency and openness. And real freedom of choice. Not luck. Let this market have higher quality, more realistic competition, and make this game more exciting.

Steam users can get refunds within 2 hours of playing.

The alternative of course is buy the products outside the marketplace.


definitely not, the marketplace is a good idea from Asobo / Microsoft, also in terms of quality control, now they have to use the model of the in-game marketplace, properly on the part of the developers to ban ■■■■■■ add-ons

No they can’t because MS uses system to avoid steam refunds. They’re still possible to get but not through steam.

I’d rather prefer they give full control to trusted studios like aerosoft, pmdg, justflight, orbx to update whenever they like.


Huh, interesting, I could’ve sworn I read some people receiving refunds from Steam back when there was a lot of CTDs after launch, and Steam actually give leniency on the 2 hour limit simply because you would spend at least 4 hours “downloading” the sim where the Steam playtime clock already ticking.

Maybe I misremembered it.

Oh you mean the game? Sorry i thought you’re talking about marketplace content.

Xbox Store is refunding the money spent on flightsim credits for sim marketplace content that is basically broken, like the Bredok 737 MAX. Myself and many others got refunded by MS for it, and I know a few that got a refund for the Typhoon. Via MS/Xbox store, not Asobo or Steam etc.


Issuing refunds for products they know are defective but they are still selling yet, while our market place application is stalled since Aug. 2020… it doesn’t seem to be just a quality control problem only?!


I think it depends on the person. Some person keeps the product without getting a refund with a hope that it might be fixed someday and that they don’t need to buy it again. It’s most common where you grew up in a place where consumer rights and laws don’t matter. And yes, some countries still lack consumer protection laws even today. For most people living under those conditions, it’s very common when you pay for something but if the product is not what you expected, it’s seen as a bad luck and it becomes a lesson to be careful buying things in the future. They know that wanting a refund is a lengthy process filled with arguments and backed with evidence. A process that most people just don’t want to bother with and just rather swallow the bitter pill.

That being said, isn’t that what free market is suppose to be? That everyone has the right to sell anything to anyone willing to pay. Besides, when you look at the statistics. If let’s say out of 1000 sales, you have 900 refunds. The 100 that comes from the people who don’t want to bother asking for refund is basically 100 sales. Which is still better than 0 sales if you end up taking it out of the marketplace.

Some people would prefer having a bad something is still better than having nothing.