A32NX will not be returning to the marketplace

The decision FBW made is another one big false of Microsoft. Unique, phenomenal freeware project just didn’t get proper support from big tech company. Only blah’s on twitch qa’s how amazing FBW’ project is.

One day I’ll definitely try this incredible work of art on pc. Thank you.


That is not true. There can be differences and conflict of interests between an open-source freeware project and a big tech company, but we will acknowledge where credit is due. MS and Asobo have surely been supportive of the project, providing assistance whenever possible, but there are some circumstances that inevitably result in unavoidable decisions like this one being taken. Their teams were fully aware of this decision, which was taken after brief discussions. We also appreciate the efforts being taken by them to improve the platform, slowly but steadily.

At the end of the day, we are still going to continue developing airliners for the same platform, and that should be indicative enough that there is no bitterness between anyone in these partnerships.


So true. And I am sure MS was and hopefully will be appreciative of your work in future. After all they benefitted indirectly from the positive attention your work created in the community which in turn (as some user stated above) let users appreciate MSFS more.

Completely agree.

Sometimes I feel bad even so much as reporting a bug, thinking it might be taken as looking a gift horse in the mouth, but some posts here have taken it much farther than that.

But I’m also starting to (I think) understand why MS would object to an addon with a GPL license. Unless I’ve been misinformed, or am simply not understanding what I have read on the matter, by doing so it at least potentially means that they have to release MSFS itself as a GPL licensed shareware product, which they’re rightfully not going to do.

While FBW chooses to make their product freely available (and I am extremely grateful for that), MS/Asobo is in the business of selling software, and since I am in favor of those programmers, engineers, clerical staff, and yes, even execs getting paid for their work so they can feed their kids and keep a roof over their heads, I cannot blame them for their decision, either.

I’m not sure I see a way out of this unless FBW is willing to change to the MIT license, and since they’ve already ruled that out, which is most certainly their right to do, well, it is what it is.

So sorry Xboxers, you guys lose out, but I think both MS and FBW are acting completely reasonably in this case.

Unless I’ve somehow misunderstood how the licensing works, in which case forget everything I said and put me back in the “confused and doesn’t know what he’s talking about” pile.



All - If all they want is stable platform, then Xbox is the road to take. But, I am gone if that is the decision. I spent US 3K dollars on this laptop for just this game, as I don’t play games at all other than this one. I also believe the vast number of issues, as mentioned is because of the too numerious to mention amounts of different hardware in people machines. Some (unknown number) just trying to get buy for now with what they have, and trust me I get that completely. Add to that mess, the vast number of parts which are counterfit, barely meet specification and pushed out the door, and you got the mess we have now on problems. Although, not issue free, I have had wayyyy less issues than others, for most part have been able to download game, I suspect thousands are still having issues today. And no, PC’s are not for everyone. I am 70, and have been usnign them since the first IBM pc was released. I am not going to spend money, and get a platform which “to me” is less than a high end spec’ed PC. That is MY DECISION, AND ONLY MY DECISION, and no one has anything to say about my decision. YOUR decision is yours and only yours, and again, no one has anything to say about that either.

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It just depends what the objectives of the market place are for MSFT.

But you can’t ignore the following though:

And this:

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What I know, is I never buy anything on the market place for at least 3 months. I do reviews from well known flight sim enthusiast for weeks before I would put my hard earned money on anything on the market place!! People should have learned this long time ago after ■■■■ products has been on the market place!!!

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Oh it has been educational as well. I think the people who I meant know who they were. I fully agree with your entire post.

Thanks for that reasoned response. make sense to me now !!

I would pay upwards of £20 for a fully working add-on mod for the default A320neo à la FBW A320nx.

I don’t think developers quite realise the potential of the Xbox user base. Yes, it might be more work, but there is serious potential as unlike PC users, Xbox users don’t have freeware mods and have much less choice and only one platform to choose from.

WOW what a pis#$@& contest this thread has become! lol :sweat_smile: I look at it this way. Their model their choice. Either way it’s still available to us, for free I might add, so who cares where it’s available from, all I can say is still after 9 months of using the FBW version, GREAT JOB FlyByWire! Can’t wait to see what the future has in store! Kudos to your work, your commitment to the project and to this, sometimes harsh, community. Your work is NEVER looked down upon by me or many others. I wish you all the best… Oh look at that! Gotta go there’s another dev update I want to try out for the A320… :joy::+1:t2::wink::flight_departure:


Colour me not surprised. Wise move. Shame for the XBox users, but completely understandable. You have my full support. Reality is very simple: a whole lot of complex simulations will simply not be available to those who choose (willingly or by nature of circumstances) to use XBox for MSFS. This, the Fenix bird, we will see about DC-6 (no idea on that one), upcoming MilViz aircraft. It’s just something that needs to be fully understood and accepted by the XBox users. For the sake of transparency, it should be stated when you get the XBox version that not all add-ons will be available so that it’s not a surprise to those users.


So it seems the “No Pilot left behind” does not apply to X-Box users ?

I believe that slogan was created before an X-BOX version was even conceived.

It certainly does not seem to apply now …

BTW “Colour” ??? BostonJeremy77 is a Britt ???

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Oh, make no mistake, pilots WILL be left behind. That’s just the reality. :wink: It’s not very good - there seems to be a diversion from the original vision of what the XBox product “would be” and what it actually IS now. I don’t think things have been thought through very much.

And BostonJeremy77 learned English in the UK. So, “colour” comes from that. (English is my 4th language)

In that case, we better hope I’m right, eh?


That’s were I also learn English. Now I am America, I am having to learn American, and be very careful when I ask for a Cigarette, or to borrow an Eraser !!


You should see the look on the waiters’ faces when I ask for a glass of water. Half of them can’t understand what I am asking for. :wink:

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With regards the vanilla base game experience no pilot is left behind.

However, I don’t recall any official suggestion that this would extend to User Generated Content
That consoles have limited access to user generated content should really come as no surprise to anybody because it’s been that way for ever.
Even those titles which have provided access to user generated content on the console it has been a great deal more limited.

This is simply the nature of a closed ecosystem and one of the trade off’s that surely in 2021 everybody already knows about.

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To me, the more interesting reason for FBW not returning to the marketplace was this:

Finally, although the SDK has improved since the release of the sim a year ago, it still lacks some key functionality that limits what we can do with the aircraft. In an effort to work around this, we are considering the possibility of running certain components of the aircraft outside the simulator - something that would also not be compatible with the marketplace.

Everything that is wrong with Microsoft Flight Simulator is well summarized there. If we had a sufficient SDK, the whole debate about “simmers” versus “gamers” would be gone as would all of the whining about all of the stuff that Asobo can’t seem to get right. With a decent SDK, the community would have already developed suitable replacements for all of the poorly implemented features. They would have also already tackled the missing features and we would already have the kinds of add-ons that would address the “simmers” needs for realism. People could stop caring about that fact that (for many of us) the development roadmap (and therefore Asobo) is missing so many of the most important things that need to be addressed from a simulation perspective.

That even FBW is finally admitting that the SDK is insufficient for their needs is fairly telling. I’ve been saying this from day 1: WASM sucks and trying to force developers into a tiny little sandbox to ensure X-box compatibility is the wrong approach. What is going to happen is what is already happening: developers interested in producing add-ons with the level of realism appropriate for the simulator are going to find ways to bypass the obstacles that embody the SDK. That Fenix is building on top of ProSim may or may not be a happy accident, but now that cat is out of the bag other developers are going to follow suit.

Unfortunately, the X-box is a second-class development platform for flight simulator add-ons because of that platform’s locked-down nature. Many of the things that developers are doing (or will do) to work around SDK limitations may not work on X-box without platform changes that would enable a far more open cross-platform development environment. While undoubtedly add-on developers would love to take advantage of the X-box market, I suspect that those add-on developers producing cutting edge of flight simulator realism aren’t going to be willing to target X-box if it means delivering a lesser product. As a result, such products aren’t going to be available in the marketplace presumably due to the fact that they won’t work on X-box.

Plus, the reality is that cross-platform development is never completely seamless. Yes, stuff built with the SDK should work on X-box, but making products available in the marketplace is a commitment that it will. That requires developers to have access to x-box hardware for testing as well as the willingness and know-how to support that platform. For small shops, that may be a large ask and ultimately too much of a bother.

Of course, the other thing that I’ve been saying for quite some time is that the Marketplace itself is unfriendly to developers and customers alike. MSFS is the first FS platform that I’ve bought add-ons for and in the early days I bought into the idea of “one marketplace to rule them all.” However, my experiences with the marketplace were so bad that I quickly realized that as a customer, the downsides far outweighed the upsides. Now I won’t buy from there if given a choice, and if I’m not given a choice, that will work against vendors who sell exclusively there. There are definitely vendors who are cool on the marketplace because the slow turnaround times in making updates available result in the vendors looking bad to their customers. The reality is that unless Microsoft addresses the myriad problems with the marketplace, there are most likely always going to be products that will never be available in the marketplace regardless of whether they could run on X-box.


Exactly. The FBW A320 from their stand alone installer is the only plane I use in MSFS. I also appreciate all of their hard work. If it wasn’t for this aircraft I wouldn’t be using MSFS at all. Keep up the great work.