King Air C90 by BT Studio

How do i get a refund?

Marketplace? That’s a no-can-do unless you own it from Steam maybe.

I was hoping you would. I always look for your reviews before purchasing an aircraft. The comments above don’t look promising. The fact that WT is an Asobo partner now means there’s no excuse for a product in the marketplace to be incompatible. I could be jumping to conclusions tho.

Just bought it. Was looking forward to it as I have several thousand hours flying the various KingAirs (and even sent them a message offering to help during development). Wasn’t expecting anything close to study level, but here is a quick initial review…

External 3d model appears decent.

Unfortunately that is where the good stops.

Edit: Decided to remove the negative feedback. Others have touched on most of the issues. Will revisit in a month or so to see if there have been improvements, but there is a long way to go.


It’s horrible.
Haven’t flown it yet. Pushback makes this thing jump up and down. Those armrests that inhibit the use of FMS can’t be moved. Why not use the right one, you ask? You can’t. It doesn’t react to button input, only the left one does…

When you power on the aircraft, the first thing you hear is ENGAGING AUTOPILOT. Whatever. I am not exactly sure how I will be flying it since that center screen doesn’t work… and I have NO IDEA what my engine RPM are, etc…

In other words, STAY FAR FAR AWAY from this. External model is the only decent thing about this. It’s wicked ugly inside.

BT Studio did it again.


HAHA… IT DOESN’T FLY! At full power and all propellers set to full mixture full, it DOESN’T MOVE!!!


I love MSFS, I think its amazing, The Aerosoft CRJ/ the PMDG DC6 / WT / PMS etc etc many of the add-ons are amazing. But…When you are actually allowed to buy this from the in sim market place, for £20 and it does not work off the bat…With the heaviest heart I just think its time for me to back out of this, go back to x-plane and its mostly dull AF graphics, and just give up.

WTF is going on. I would be ashamed if I was ASOBO/MS at some of garbage on the market, uttlery ashamed!


Guys, what do we do with this? These people are a MICROSOFT MARKETPLACE EXCLUSIVE! They don’t even sell this anywhere else!

Something has to be done. This thing LITERALLY doesn’t work. Not even a matter of taste.


@Jummivana - I don’t know who else to turn to. Can you talk to whoever you are able to talk to? Bring this up to SOMEONE’s attention? We are now literally being sold a COMPLETELY NON-WORKING aircraft via the Official Marketplace. I don’t think anyone could have anticipated the level of ridiculousness of this.

Who is going to stand up for the consumers here? ANYONE?


Except it’s not a Steam purchase. You didn’t buy a game, you bought credits. And they have no idea how those credits were used. I don’t know if they will honour this. Let’s hope.

I am gonna try the same thing and get a refund for this.

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Well I want my money back lol.
This is why this… all of this needs laws and regulation! Its not self regulating at all. Its terrible. so that’s it then! I am left with nothing from this endeavour! I cant have that!


I have sent a ticket to the zendesk thing.

If this aircraft is not fit for sale, then it suggests that the Microsoft marketplace is not fit for purpose.


Seemed working from @StevenPearce833’s reports… not sure where it went wrong.

Well if this person is the dev, then they need to be releasing a fix today and apologising to us who have bought this POS

Requested refund, as it’s junk, and not fit for purpose

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@Jummivana I agree with Jeremy. When we asked Jorg regarding the quality of marketplace products, he said that it is not Microsoft’s job to curate the marketplace. Shouldn’t Microsoft at least make sure that the products work before selling it to the customers? Over the long term no one would trust marketplace if this practice continues.


This is the only storefront that does this, and.i honestly cant figure out why. It certainly seems shady. One of several reasons why i try not to buy from marketplace