The marketplace desperatly needs quality control ASAP

No they can’t because MS uses system to avoid steam refunds. They’re still possible to get but not through steam.

I’d rather prefer they give full control to trusted studios like aerosoft, pmdg, justflight, orbx to update whenever they like.


Huh, interesting, I could’ve sworn I read some people receiving refunds from Steam back when there was a lot of CTDs after launch, and Steam actually give leniency on the 2 hour limit simply because you would spend at least 4 hours “downloading” the sim where the Steam playtime clock already ticking.

Maybe I misremembered it.

Oh you mean the game? Sorry i thought you’re talking about marketplace content.

Xbox Store is refunding the money spent on flightsim credits for sim marketplace content that is basically broken, like the Bredok 737 MAX. Myself and many others got refunded by MS for it, and I know a few that got a refund for the Typhoon. Via MS/Xbox store, not Asobo or Steam etc.


Issuing refunds for products they know are defective but they are still selling yet, while our market place application is stalled since Aug. 2020… it doesn’t seem to be just a quality control problem only?!


I think it depends on the person. Some person keeps the product without getting a refund with a hope that it might be fixed someday and that they don’t need to buy it again. It’s most common where you grew up in a place where consumer rights and laws don’t matter. And yes, some countries still lack consumer protection laws even today. For most people living under those conditions, it’s very common when you pay for something but if the product is not what you expected, it’s seen as a bad luck and it becomes a lesson to be careful buying things in the future. They know that wanting a refund is a lengthy process filled with arguments and backed with evidence. A process that most people just don’t want to bother with and just rather swallow the bitter pill.

That being said, isn’t that what free market is suppose to be? That everyone has the right to sell anything to anyone willing to pay. Besides, when you look at the statistics. If let’s say out of 1000 sales, you have 900 refunds. The 100 that comes from the people who don’t want to bother asking for refund is basically 100 sales. Which is still better than 0 sales if you end up taking it out of the marketplace.

Some people would prefer having a bad something is still better than having nothing.

Aye you aren’t wrong there sir


Having to wait weeks for a patch or Hotfix is the exact reason why I haven’t bought a plane from the marketplace yet.

Would be “unfair” or “not ethical” if we put here the things we bought and do no recomend?

I agree with this. I’m an xbox user, quite happy to do extensive research and solicit multiple reviews of products before I shell out on the marketplace. I don’t think Microsoft’s job is to decide whether a particular addon is ■■■■■ or not. It’s subjective anyway. I have seen enough reviews of the 737 Max to surmise that it is garbage, but I know there are people on here that actually like it.

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I think they need to work on the marketplace review UI so not only can you leave a rating but comments on that rating. Someone could give something a bad rating because they didn’t get enough custom paint jobs. Others that the it’s missing a single detail that they wanted to see.

Or if you just go with a star rating have at least a few categories such as accuracy and visuals. Could be a 5 for visual but a 1 for how it flys.

Same with airports. Some might be accurate just look like garbage.

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I kinda agree with this. I wish I read/watched some reviews of pretty much all of bredjustok3d’s content. Then I watched a video review on the f-14 and F-15 tomcat by DC designs and that review said that the LOD was low. Seeing as how I love the f-14s I went with the f-14a and f14b package. Wow the level of detail is not great it is still a lot better than anything that bredjustok3d has done. Bredok3ds DFW airport CTDs when you load into it or CTDs when you get within 50 nautical miles of it. And trying to get help with most of the third party developers is a joke.

Always check reviews on youtube and forums before buying, and stay away from Market Place if you can.


Agree with the first part. Absolutely. Be diligent, read/watch multiple reviews before deciding.

Unfortunately, being on the Xbox, I have no choice but to use the marketplace.

Hopefully things will change, and it’ll become a better place in time. Although I won’t bet my house on it.

I’m curious if anyone’s heard a reason why MS won’t curate its own marketplace? Seems like a strange business decision and I can’t see the logic. That’d be like me going into Target and buying a gallon of fresh milk, but when I get home I open it and it’s cat pee.

I go back to Target and say “hey, I bought this white jug that says ‘Fresh Milk’ on it but it’s actually cat pee, what gives?”

And they say “That’s your problem, buddy. We never guaranteed the jug that says fresh milk won’t contain cat pee. Should have done your research, not our issue we don’t curate the products we allow into our store and sell directly to you. Don’t complain just drink it.”

Anyway, seemed like an apt metaphor to describe my thoughts on it…


Same here. No other choice. And you cant blame a guy for wantin to fill his hanger lol

It’s perfect.

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I don’t get what takes them so long to release products on the marketplace of there’s no QC. What are they doing that makes it so some airports only appear after months of being in something like the Orbx store?

Quality control means different things. Being a good product is one. Ensuring the add on does not blow up other things for other users is another thing. Now that there is an Xbox version out there things need to be tested to ensure it does not negatively destroy the sim.

That said the purchase could still suck.