The memory could not be written

Is this a software or hardware error ??
msfs 2020 error
In the middle of the flight, I have this in the last 2-3 days, many times.
I don’t know where to start, to fix it
Any advices are welcome, thank you

How much RAM do you have?

32 GB DDR4, why?
Do you think, the RAM could be the culprit ??

Your RAM is bad or your motherboard BIOS settings are bad. Test one RAM module at a time if necessary.

Okay, I’ll test the RAM with MemTest86, thank you

I got it one time. The program is lost and is trying to access
memory that is in error.

I went to Win10 Settings, Apps and down to MS Flight Simulator
Clicked Uninstall.

Then to MS Store and clicked Install. ( or Modify then install)

After about 4 minutes, I’m up and flying again with a clean copy of FS2020.

I don’t understand exactly
What did you uninstall?

The whole simulator ??

Just FS2020.

Go to Win10 Settings
Click Apps
Scroll down the screen to MS Flight Simulator

Click it.
Then click Uninstall.

It will uninstall FS2020 from your PC.

Then go to MS Store/Steam and install it.

FS2020 download program comes in 2 batches.

  1. 1st 1.06 GB that is installed on your C: (or boot) drive.
  2. 2nd 170 GB that is installed on the C: (or boot) drive.
    Or any drive you specify as drive\folder. Mine is D:\FS2020.

The Win 10 uninstall will not delete the 2nd batch.
Thus you only have to download the initial 1.06 GB again.

Note: If you specify a new location for the 2nd batch,
you need to go and delete the previous location after the re-install is finished.

I should has stated that you need to save your Community Folder before the
re-install if you have anything that you added to it.
Just rename it to Comminity1.

After the re-install, delete the Community folder and
then rename Community1 to Community.

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Got it, thanks
I tested the RAM, with MemTest ( it should run longer the whole test) I couldn’t see any issues with the RAM
I followed the advice above, I’ll try it again
By the way, the issue did happen only with MSFS 2020
Thank you, I’ll try it and report back, no matter what…

The issue is back, after about 10-15 minutes of flying
BIOS is default now, no overclock
The only update I did in the last 2-3 days, was the nVidia driver ( latest version )
Maybe I need to test longer the RAM with MemTest, but I doubt it there is an issue with the RAM
If so, I should get the error with other games, flight sims, etc

Tested the RAM again, 0 Errors
Could it be the nVidia update driver, maybe?
The virtual memory ?
I’m confused now

I forgot to mention something : often, when I close the sim, I receive this error message

Hello @Aviattore7040 .

I do not know what the problem is, but I would:

  1. Set virtual memory/pagefile to automatic and ensure that enough space is available on the disk.
  2. Delete and re-enable the rolling cache in the game.
  3. Update the Nvidia driver to the latest version.
  4. Were/are mods installed. E.g. Navigraph can cause issues if it was removed by deleting it from the community folder or by using the safe mode feature. It needs to be removed through the navigraph installer.
  5. Does the event viewer show any additional information or other failing application before MSFS crashes?
  6. Potentially update c++ redistribution, although I do not know if it can cause this issue.
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Thanks for the tips
1 - I’ll try with the virtual memory, as you adviced
2 - Do I need to have it enabled the Rolling Cache?
3 - nVidia driver is updated, latest version, by the way, with the previous driver, I didn’t have this problem
4-Mods are installed on a different folder, same partition with the sim. Not the OS partition. I’m using the Add-on linker tool
5- Didn’t check the event viewer, I will.
6-I’ll try to uninstall - reinstall, or update the C++

Thank you, again, I’ll try it and I’ll report back.

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2-I do not think you do, but if it was enabled I would have recreated it.
3-In that case, potentially go back to the last stable version you had for testing?
4-Disable all mods and see if the issue persists. As written above, be aware of mods that have been installed differently, as they may have to be deinstalled properly and can not just be deactivated/removed. This may include mods installed by the in-game marketplace.

looks like something in os do this to you, disable everything, what can be even close to security soft, firewalls not exclude if this is not something simple and transparency, what use windows firewall kernel, this is could be only software conflict or lack of libraries, as said before me, be sure you have updated windows, all required c++ and kill any anti-virus/malware etc. soft, or better uninstall it, today is most useless stuff, if you are not corporation, factory or medical center

yes… the error sound exactly like a manual disabled pagefile :slight_smile:

and @Aviattore7040 I remember you was the user with the BSOD which can’t resist to overclock… now again the hint: dont OC :wink:

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You’re right, but I removed the OC
I’ll try again, later tonight when I get home
Thank you

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Still CTD, sometime.
After I updated the Windows, Tuesday, I didn’t see this error with " the memory could not be written "
After the hotfix, today, still CTD, randomly
Would be a good idea to remove the Local Cache / Content, after a new update / hotfix ??

its often good idea for a try :), but I assume have nothing to do with that.

For me it still sounds like a system issue,… may be RAM too. But it’s just a guess… is may be some more info logged within the windows event viewer ?