The Most Disappointing update

God that looks bad. I feared with the announcement of a console version that PC players were going to get mugged off. We have been.


Its even worse in VR i literally see objects pop up just infront of me , before i just saw that in airports which was annoying also , now its everywhere, also colours are more washed out , they took every complain and just made it worse

I dont get this , me too i wasnt happy about the perf before su5 but there was a solution , to save money and get better parts , now even a 10000$ build wont solve it

yeah that looks horrendous and it was only using 3,900 MB of memory out of the 32GB over New York City so yeah that saids it all lol


Can someone with connections in the tech industry provide direct feedback to MS or Asobo? Otherwise it’s like spitting in the ocean.

MSFS was a showcase game. Now it’s just another Xbox game. Don’t see how Xbox makes them any money, since most will purchase on game pass anyways, and there’s console shortage. Seems a stupid decision, to annoy sim community who has waited over a decade for something decent.


Perhaps it is all about the the lucre.

I also had high hopes for what this U/Date was going to bring to the sim, but, was very disappointed
that it was only CTD’s very frequently. Would even crash on trying to open a sightseeing flight. The few short flights I managed to get airborne with would CTD when on approaching to land. The screen freezes
for 10-15secs is bad also.!! Got a fairly high end sys with 32gb of ram, that cost me $3700, so what is going on Microsoft. Hurry up with a fix please.

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Well, have not touched the sim in a month. Hardcore simnerd for 35 years.

A year down the road and reading the forums is like 2020 all over again.

This is the sim.

Every update will be a winner and looser for simmers, wanna put up with that? I am getting tired of it. These are not growing pains, they are design flaws. The update system is atrocious. It will not change. Every 2-3 weeks community mods will break.

It is an endless cycle of self spanking and my rear is getting red.


Same topic here:


It’s never as simple as that. Every config setting adds a huge number of permutations that have to be tested. Maybe there could be a bug when the slider is low and some other setting is high etc. People keep asking for sliders and checkboxes to toggle features and settings but it makes the sim much harder to test with the myriad of combinations possible.

I feel ripped off, thought this was a flight sim that would only improve, was told the speaks we would need, all serious simmers like myself have spent big money for top graphics cards vr head gear etc, was going really well, then kick us in the guts and degrade it, should have waited and saved a lot of money and got an Xbox, but serious simmers don’t want that, unless something happens very soon to remedy the horrible graphics I’m selling my system I built especially for the flightsim I was told would be amazing, very, very disappointed


Are you kidding me… we are only in the first inning of a 10-inning ballgame. You can’t possibly think this is it. Come on everyone, we need rational thinkers that have commonsense. Yes, we had a big setback with this last update for many users… it’s only been a few days, these issues will be resolved.

Sir, I would like to share your optimism BUT neither Microsoft nor many people on the forum even recognise we have had a big setback…so, considering it is instead quite evident for some aspects, I’m not so optimistic


It’s definitely your choice to feel negative. I can understand how you feel. But no one is dying here… it feels like the end of the world on the forums. This is complex software that can break at times… the developer’s job will always be to fix it and make it better. If you don’t believe that then there is nothing anyone can say to change your mind.


Totally agree, I played at leased once a day, now just lost interest, I’ve spent $13,000 nz Dollars on building my system vr head set 3090 32gb loved how it was going, then came Xbox, they can have it, I feel for all you guys as well, I know you are all guttered as well, wish some other company would build a real sim for serious simmers like maybe PMDG :+1:


That would be funny by the way - after few updates, in a year or so, Asobo proclaiming a great success: “we managed to get the game to look on PC how it looked at the beginning!” :grin:

really disappointed in the update. Load times for me have more than doubled and there are quite a few broken addons etc. Visual quality definitely reduced and I feel that my investment in hardware has been a mistake


I imagine its hard for people not working in a software or perhaps engineering field to understand the pressure and issues that can arise when you have an immovable launch date for a very complex product. I don’t doubt that has contributed to some of the bugs here. But blaming it on developers or belittling their attitudes is unhelpful and frankly disrespectful of their efforts.

I agree, this is not about the developers, but on the management and their terrible decisions that bring us a fateful xbox port.


I wonder if they try the fs after mod on average PC and they change lot of thing who have no issue but they don’t fix the anoying bugs. This is a disaster from MS who want to make money before keeping reputation. I realy looking to other flight sim rather less image quality and more real performance. They go to arkade way and go far from flight simulator. Realy disapointed.

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