The MSFS - House of Cards

Yep. Very obvious and critical bugs that you could easily notice in the very first flight. Exactely what happened. But they decided to sell it as baked product with full price. Hard to swallow. Of course gamers with all the assists and flying in outside view wouldn’t care, so thats why they did.i still cant understand why ms chose this indie company that had not anythinh to dk with flight sknukation to be in charge of such a huge and i portant project. They’re not even capable of providing a decent installer. Come on?

Go into your content manager in your Profile tab. Check all your missing content. When you install to a new directory, only a minimal number of files are installed, but the fix is fairly simple.

Be warned, the content manager needs patching and some files it says you can install won’t install (including that 80+ GB update that has been there since forever).

I swallowed the bait but it left a touch of the amertume…

Or alternatively:

I want MSFS!

I want X-Plane!

Doesn’t feel too far from the truth?


Pretty much spot on. The ultimate sim would be a melding of the two.

The latest known issues contains the fix for your issue:

I think that would have been the smartest idea indeed. They should not have released it before end of the year.

No, releasing it when they did was for the best … releasing it at Christmas would have spoilt too many Simmer’s Christmas !!!

“At home” industries are booming right now and there may have been pressure to release early. I don’t believe anyone expected this title until later.

Personally I’m having a blast with the title and it is great timing for me.

It is frustrating that I can’t just jump in and do anything I want to to do, but there is still a lot of fun to be had right now.


The creativeness and amazing mods coming from the amateur Modding community is amazing,

Almost too much … the problem is fast becoming how to keep track of it all, and not miss anything !!!


I love that the mods hide my posts of frustration when I can’t even fly the Longitude correctly with dolphin dancing… but lets post maggot videos and meat. hahahahahaha

makes my day.

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I guess the OP of a thread gets a break :slight_smile:

A little light hearted Humour does not come unwelcome amidst all the anger and frustration shown elsewhere on this MSFS forum .

Not everything has to be taken so seriously, especially a “Computer Game”.
In a world where there are so many other way more important things to need to be serious about, a break from those stresses is welcome.


But the simulation is our refuge from this sick world. Its very serious. Having a CTD after flying for 6 hours, just before landing, is reason enough to start a bloody War.


What bothers me the most is the constant emphasis on scenery and releasing “world updates” on a beta software. I have been an alpha tester from the very beginning. Cannot comment on that, but as things have evolved from release, I am having serious doubts on the developer’s knowledge of airplanes, flight systems and the needs of flight simmers. I couldn’t care less about the “base” they are promoting, it is not good enough of a base for me. I need a sim connect spurting all the vars of all systems, including g1000 and g3x, that is “base”, not Mount Fuji

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Sure is looking that way … the more the cover is removed, the more it is looking like
MS Flight 2020 .(on Scenery Steroids) . which will be a major let down for simmers.

Gamers will just move on to the next variant of “Call of Duty”, or whatever the current Trending Games is. (Yes, I admit, I am clueless about these games)

Agree 100%.
I AM hopeful after hearing the discussion with the devs, but that depends on what Rothas2k and others are wondering- whether ASOBO, even with good intentions, has the right people to fully implement all the “flight-sim-specific” aspects, i.e. functions that aren’t common to all games (like graphics are).
Time will tell, I guess. I don’t doubt that ASOBO sincerely wants this sim to meet those needs. I now have to see proof (successful patches) that they are up to the task.

Can I remind y’all that while it might be fun to use Capitals and bold it is actually in breach of the CoC

This is a friendly reminder.

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It’s amazing that most of those top xplane requests are already fully implemented in fs2020. I really agree with the theme of this post and the good thing is that I think more people are starting to feel like this. I am seeing more and more posts encouraging positive, constructive feedback that will help development.

I would love to give constructive feedback if they would solve the grey bars of hell preventing me from flying just the C-152 & a single engine turboprop when I paid for more.

You have some work Austin.
Happy you solved fluttering last year.