🩹 The patch everyone was waiting for (Jul 30) has been released! (topic emotion grade: lively, but still civil)

15.00 UTC which is 16.00 GMT DST I think

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Yeah, canadian dollars being the key here. The “full” version of the sim is the base version that can be had for 60 dollars. It doesn’t lack any functionality that the deluxe versions have, a few airports and stock planes is all you get extra, and thats ENTIRELY UP TO YOU whether you need that or not, so again, it’s no argument.

What does “Co-Pilot” mean?

Well , in fairness, it sounded argumentative. But I take you at your word. Discounting someone’s experience does not make it untrue. Also, it was totally my choice. I happen to think it was money well spent.

Happy hotfixing.

What I want to get at, is that 170 dollars can be misinterpreted by many as us dollars, which also happened in my case, because the first thing you think of when reading dollars, is obv US dollars. 170 sounds a lot more extreme than 136 and makes it all appear more dramatic, which is what he wanted to achieve with his post. But regardless, I see this argument often, that people complain because they spent money on the sim. And I’m merely saying: there are so many videos and blogs out there, revealing every single detail and aspect of the sim since day one. There’s no excuse. People had all the chances to know what sort of adventure they were getting into and thats my point. For people that are cautious, the subscription is the way to go. Cheers

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Unless you’ve paid 170. Not my fault you are us focussed, nor Dale’s. Things coat the same here as they do south of the border.170 is a lot of money. People get upset when their 4 dollar burger isn’t made properly.

Don’t want to argue with you any more. You are free to your opinion. There is a big big world outside your borders.

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They already have our money. Critical mass for PC sales is over. It’s about Xbox now and will be until sales there peter off in about a year and the majority of Xbox gamers forget MSFS even exists.

Once the flood of cash from Xbox dries up, they’ll come back to PC since that’s the user base that will keep it alive for the next 8 years.

And it’s your job to do proper research before buying a product, especially when spending a lot of money :wink:

“And from the day that Earth’s people started drawing lines in the dirt, all problems began”.
GhostlyFrend, July 30th, 2021, patch time.

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has to run on the S as well.

Yep. I agree. What wombat doesn’t get is he said the 170 price doesn’t exist. He is mistaken.

Happy hotfix day.

What Yoke and how much do you want for it ???

OH, you were JOKING about selling it :frowning:

Very DRAMATIC – but I am still in the market for a bargain, rejected Joystick :wink:

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Here we go… 390MB

Update is out folks !

from the sim or MS store?


MS store ready to go

I conceded that above, 170 CAD/136 USD. Absolutely, my mistake. I messed this up by not thinking in CAD. The other guy spent that cash on the sim, yes. Now what?

Good luck pilots. See you at the after-party :dancer::man_dancing: