🩹 The patch everyone was waiting for (Jul 30) has been released! (topic emotion grade: lively, but still civil)

Just look at the impressive list of improvements!


I think it’s the best community managers can do at the moment. Damage control. The entire community is rightfully infuriated right now. Let’s wait for a week or two until the Xbox crowd lost interest and cancelled their Game Pass trial. Maybe afterwards MS / Asobo will pivot the game back towards its original audience. Meanwhile I feel betrayed and ripped off. So much so that I am considering to sell my yoke and OrbX account…


I don’t think you’re entirely right here. These people holler a lot louder, that’s a fact. Others are either happily flying or dumbstruck because of all the negative energy here.

Which is, in my opinion caused in many cases by people unwilling to remove third party content or are even unaware that they had installed something.


Has anyone seen any info on the download size? Would be interested in that.

If it’s not in there, then it’s everybody’s guess. Here’s mine: 21Gb.

Well, the PC players then. You can’t easily enter a website forum on the Xbox and comment on an HTML form :slight_smile:

More seriously, many folks seem to be just fine but it is hard to ignore that the backlash is orders of magnitudes higher than usual. I can also tell stories about many aircraft bugs that haven’t been fixed after one year and new regression that where fixes in previous updates. I am not even talking about IFR or airliners. Anyway, I guess we can all agree that not all hope is lost. Hopefully Asobo will take the feedback seriously this time, postpone those world updates and rather fixes a few of the bugs the community reported during a year of alpha testing.


Yep. Maybe they should and maybe they will. But my guess is that July 27th was a dead stop deadline. They just had to release knowing that some things would break. Hence the short time between release and patch.


No mention of the blurry world at high altitude. Hmmm. I’ll be switching to using this sim for low altitude flying only. I wish they didn’t change that.


I didn’t see any reference to addressing the graphical glitches that many people are commenting on. Please tell me that the graphics haven’t intentionally been degraded so they will function on an X-Box system!



I hope they learn from this for the next big update and will not rush it out untested.

From what I read and see (pictures) it’s not everybody that’s having this issue. But that doesn’t make it less annoying for you. Hopefully there’s somebody who knows the magic trick to inprove this. For myself, I exclusively fly VFR to learn the basic procedures. Airliners? Maybe in a year or two. And if you want you can be my teacher in this area :wink:

Please keep in mind that for a lot of 3rd party content money has been paid, too, and the customer expect to use the stuff they have paid for. I deem it as presumptuous to expect users to accept a sheer MSFS just to be able to fly after an update!


No, of course, I agree with you that people rather want to fly with all their topmdollar bells and whistles. Me too.

But when they put this in their release notes, why are people so stubborn to say: no way, I’ll fly with the incompatible stuff, crashes or not?
In this development phase of the sim and especially for SU5 this was true. The biggest overhaul since its birth.
Just fly vanilla for two weeks or so, be happy, update your mods, and be even happier.

Why do I find it so difficult to understand that people don’t understand this?

And even this: people having incompatible mods might even have (the same) problems after installing the patch.

So where does that leave us?


Im having issues with ATC, I have no ground options clearances nothing and no live traffic. Is this a known bug to be fixed?

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If it’s not in the list, don’t count on it.

Blockquote * We have temporarily reverted the LOD selection mechanism to its previous state on PC. However, because it is important that you can check the state of your add-ons with the Xbox LOD selection mechanism, we have added an “Xbox LOD Selection Mode” option in the DevMode.

I see this in the SDK section, so does this mean a fix to this horrible LOD issue we are seeing on PC right now with the draw distance etc.? Or is this just for SDK…

That’s a really good question that I honestly don’t have the answer to.

But on reading it ten times over I think I know what this means. And this could mean great news.

The LOD selection mechanism was changed in SU5 meaning that an object needed a specific tag so that the sim knew from which distance this should be rendered. The flipside of this was that many scenery designers did not have the time to re-tag all their objects. Many just had LODzero tag and this caused the popping in.

Reverting might mean less popping then. Thanks for posting this here!


That got me thinking, if they reverted back to the same LOD’s as before, why are we seeing such a degradation in the draw distances and the lower resolution terrain? Unless they are specifically taking about 3rd party object LOD…

I think the sim is too light. Clouds way too light


That got me thinking, if they reverted back to the same LOD’s as before, why are we seeing such a degradation in the draw distances and the lower resolution terrain? Unless they are specifically taking about 3rd party object LOD…

They haven’t, the patch drops tomorrow.
I was just curious if that line refers to the LOD issue we are seeing right now, or SDK only. So we are basically screwed for MONTHS until there is a fix.