The size of the sim on my SSD

Ha, mine is on a dedicated A: drive too. I guess yours is reserved for the floppy?

Hopefully I am not the only one here who is so ready for MSFS 2024: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My SSD 2TB is dedicated to MSFS 2020 only, and is close to be full, only 413 GB left, but I do not care much since it comes to an end of the journey once MSFS 2024 released.

Got a Samsung 990 Pro 4TB last week with strong sale (+coupon) on Easter that I find hard to resist. So just pick it up and prepare for MSFS 2024 and its future.

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Ha, nice. Though it sounds like it should need less space than 2020. You might be able to use that drive for other things too!

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