The twotter is released

The twotter has been released on the Aerosoft shop.


Confirmed. Downloading now :slight_smile:

Booting …
Downloading … (almost 4 GB)

Downloading also - 3.87GB I am told according to Aerosoft One.

Downloading right now.

XBOX support?

@Microfone9986 It was supposed to be, but the version in marketplace currently says PC only. Doesn’t make a lot of sense as the Aerosoft product page says available now for PC and Xbox.

And the fly in focused solely on Twin Otter is today.

Would be a bit of a fail if they messed up a release date again for the Xbox folks. I think we’ll see some update later in the day maybe.

I mean why would the schedule a special Twotter focused community fly in and say everyone is welcome if it wouldn’t even be available on Xbox lol, so I assume we’ll see some update later but who knows.

I think the issue is it’s up to Microsoft as to when it will show up in the Marketplace on Xbox. It’s usually late in the day in Europe, but early morning US, so maybe 17:00 or 18:00z

Thanks. Will see later today, after work.

Going to have fun with this later!


It’s upto MS to sort the Xbox release:

Ah… you’d think they would release it today… they need to address the release method, its too slow.

Then we have to wait for the weekly update of the store. It will be on Friday, according to my time. There is nothing of modern avionics in the plane, so I was 99% sure that there would be a release on the Xbox.

It’s already in the in-game marketplace, but marked as PC only. Hopefully you guys are right and the Xbox version will become available soon.

Just had a bit of a spin with the twotter. It feels great, flies nice, looks great and sounds AWFUL

Don’t get me wrong, the recordings of the twotter are probably accurate and do sound great by themselves. For example the idle sounds like an idling twotter.

But the way the engines spool up sounds like they’re crossfading between a couple of samples instead of a fluid spool up/down sound. For example when you apply full throttle you just hear this high speed prop sound fade in while the lower rpm sound fades out. The pitches don’t change! Have a listen to the Kodiak to experience the way it SHOULD have been done. Then compare to the Twotter, and the difference should be obvious.

I noticed the same thing in the CRJ as well. The aerosoft sound guy does something fundamentally wrong when it comes to sound design… maybe they should hire someone else or teach him/her the error of his/her ways :slight_smile:

I really hope thsi will be fixed soon, as I really looked forward to having fun in the Twotter. As it stands now, this really compromises the experience.

Also the installation process with the arerosoft One software is a bit unclear. I found out that you have to copy your product key into the thing on the bottom left, and then it worked. Not too fond of these kinds of programs that stand in the way of having a smooth experience. I’d rather just copy a file to the community folder myself :slight_smile:


just like crjs, with big marketing video and official page highlighting available on xbox but then forgotten in the avalon mists. still an open wound


How much in the marketplace?

$34,99 if I remember correctly.

Is it downloading atrociously slow for everyone? 512kb/s max for me (in the US).

The sounds are a mess. That spoiled my whole experience with this, just like the Blackbox BN2…To me the default aircrafts sounds are way better than these payware…whomever created that soundpackage should be ashamed of themselves.