"The VIP TOUR " entertaintment and scenery review

Welcome to the " VIP TOUR" entertaintment and scenery review of the most busiest european airports for business and private jet .
In these série i will video review 14 paywayre airport. You will find a rating board at the end of eatch vidéo.
If that Can help to make your own opinion on the scenery i ll be glad.
Hope you will enjoy.
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Today lets focus on LFMN Nice côte d’Azur. Scenery made by JustSim.


The “VIP TOUR” jump to Berlin. Lets review EDDB airport by aerosoft …and let’s see how he andle the rating board.
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The VIP TOUR dive into London. Let’s review London Biggin Hill EGKB airport by PilotPlus/orbx.

Hi awsome community, a New review of “The VIP Tour” is out . This Time we focus on Rome- Ciampino LIRA airport by DeimoS Inc.
The rating board gonna live an upsidedown…kind of down!
Check it out…
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