The white border around cockpit instrument panel

This problem has bothered me for two days. I have enabled the Legacy mode, but as long as I use the Xbox controller to move the camera, the white border still appears. Is this a bug? Or am I not setting it correctly?

I have the same problem since Sim Update 10 in combination with the Xbox controller. It doesn’t matter which plane I select.

I installed SU10.

And now when in cockpit view in liners, a white square appears around the glass cockpit instruments.
The white square seems related to a white dot that appears in the view and follows it.

Here is an example:

White square around instrument

So, has anyone seen this with SU10?
And how to get rid of this?
This was not on SU9.

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Been mentioned and complained about many times. Do a quick search…

Bad news is there’s no way to stop it at the moment. (Along with the White Dot of Distraction).

So haven’t used the sim for a while, updated it to sim update 10. And I’m greeted with white lines around the instruments. Is there a setting I’m missing or something? I know how to get rid of the white dot, but even with that gone it still happens