There is no downgrade in SU5

I tried to put my LOD to 400 and my FPS dropped to 5.


then sell your pc and do it.

I feel ya bro i really do

Again, there are a lot of Band-Aids by users ATM. We have to wait for the developers to fix the bugs.

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I’m on your bus (well plane) @Hugothester

I’ve done some screenshots for those looking for top down views in SU5. These are on LOD 400/400 in line with @Hugothester post at the top.

35,000 feet near New York:

35,000 ft in Northern Africa

35,000 ft in Papua New Guinea

7,000 ft near Gatwick

35,000ft over Milan

35,000 ft over Monaco

(someone mentioned its only blurry if you look out the window)

Vancouver at 28,000 feet

I also did a post here around changing the Object LOD distance because there is a tower at HKKI airport where with 200/200 LOD set you can only see the light on the top of the tower and not the tower itself starting from runway 24

I’ve also seena few posts today/yesterday where autogen scenery is not being drawn or not being drawn properly (and probably photogrammetry too for some people, although I’ve personally not seen that). Here are two examples:



I’m strongly suspecting that these issues are either a problem with the UK world update data or a server side problem. I don’t think these are neecessarily related to SU5

Whilst we are on that subject, here is an excellent post by @Sharpex95 on workarounds and how to get the best from the new UI options. I strongly recomment anyone with issues with the UI reads this post


It is a bug, but the lag of volumetric lighting is definitely a downgrade at the moment,
maybe that is the main reason many of us perceive worse quality in graphics.

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Thats so wrong we want what we had before the Xbox release

there is indeed the LOD strongly decreased, but concerning the screenshots, we must not have the same graphic quality or I don’t know but for me it’s better than you

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Agree to disagree. It’s not just on these threads by a select few… Some of the threads have over 6,000 views and comments (whereas in the past, as you know, we’ve not seen it that bad). Even outside of the forums, there are articles, tweets, facebook posts, reddit users, etc. It’s clear, this isn’t a well received sim update. That’s not to say the improvements or performance aren’t great. I don’t think “most” of us are saying that – we’re saying “to what cost” though? Visuals just don’t look as well.

Outside of the pop-in/culling/LOD argument, volumetric lighting has been removed so now when you fly at night time, it looks like I’m flying in pitch black and the airport lights look like an arcade. I just don’t think it looks as good as it used to.


Why are there pixilated clouds on ultra when there weren’t before SU5?


if you are complaining about your pc being too strong, then buy a console. The complaints are so ridiculous and childish.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs. Not permanent.

is the Autopilot, Ai, and other systems function correctly on the console?

Playing, playingn, playing. Not permanant. LOL :rofl:

They do fix bugs for sure but then they break things that were not bugs in the first place


they broke basic things for the sake of the console

The thing is… they fix the bugs everyone complains about and then they create new bugs that didn’t exist and they make it worse

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example, i’m 300 ft below my assigned altitude of FLT 320 but my gauge says i’m at FLT 328

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your screenshots are taken from much closer by…

yes, absolutely…

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