There is no downgrade in SU5

But is not the “same” graphic

nope, the only one I can’t 100pc attest to is the live weather. it seems to be working OK and doesn’t seem off.

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I really wonder if this kind of comments are bots, MS employees or what on earth is going on on some people mind

No, not going to edit it, truth hurts ah?


Same here Live Wx, where I fly, the USA, seems pretty accurate lately…EXCEPT for the LIGHTNING. That is why I stopped using it.

Live Real Time Traffic seems to be back at the numbers it was in early June, or close to it.


What chasm? Indeed, you have a vision problem.

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Oh yeah this ghosting is terrible, especially in VR, I haven’t seen a lot of people complaining about it.
There is a huge issue with reflections overall.

“There is no downgrade in SU5”

Just took a flight over the Grand Canyon near KGCN. It used to be a spectacular view of towering cliffs, just like in real life. Following SU5, the Grand Canyon now looks like a depression in some rolling hills.

So sad.

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Yes, LOD in userconf settings is getting back the old visual LOD. As, well it almost gives back the same VRAM usage as before, just a bit lower, I think caused by the load in and load off operations, called pop in here.



Well we can all agree now that they’ve communicated about it that Hugothester was wrong.
Hotfix incoming. We can all move on. :slight_smile:


Yep, all those who see no downgrade kindly sign here so MS can ensure the hotfix isn’t pushed to your machines and save some bandwidth for the rest of us :stuck_out_tongue:


Moderators….close this topic …there was a downgrade in SU5


Hopefully the official acknowledgment of that went wrong confirms the downgrade and ends all this conspiracy rubbish they messed up and looks like they are going to fix it.

Here’s hoping

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Agreed - it’s already been discussed by Asobo via their latest post - so let’s shut this one down for time being.

Wow, so happy I was in the ‘yes they downgraded’ camp!

Usually I bet on the wrong side. Not this time! :grin:

Now let’s hope they don’t notfix through another hotfix.


I felt the same, took a flight over there a few days ago and did some comparison screen shots, the wow was gone in an instant, that feeling I had before SU5.

The devs confirmed a patch is coming soon so it’ll look even better than it did before

“Detail level will increase to an even higher level than Sim Update 4” “The terrain level of detail is more than 1 terrain pixel per 4K screen pixel.”

Cant wait to see this implementation :slight_smile:

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for people did not saw next hotfix and one SU6 feature it it’s here:
Regarding Your Feedback + Upcoming Hotfix

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Are you kidding your pics show a massive down grade!


There is a massiv downgrade.
If you fly over my hometown, before SU5, you can see a cycle track painted in red, after SU5, you can see the color red, because, there isnt a cycle track anymore. And the street for the cars are look very different. Houses are wrong now. ETC!

A big downgrade.


Closing this thread. Please see the upcoming hotfix announcement.