These little HDMI monitors are great to de-clutter, about 100$

I highly suggest getting one, they are great for any window you can pop out. I also find the helpful for those programs you kinda want to see all the time ( i.e. discord, slack, twitter, ect… ) . I highly suggest getting on from Amazon.


I have one but it is USB. I agree they are great for splitting windows and other needed apps out.

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They’ll be a lot more useful once you can interact with the split windows…

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I have one Android tablet no used, one of our friend here (search of topic about IOS tablet) shared perfect info how connect IOS and I did my Tablet with Android as next same MFD or other window display. Fantastic. What problem I have I need have that tablet connected as 2-nd monitor which need some same pay SW brrrrr but now working as complete desktop copy screen hehehe.

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