Thin Black Line

I get frequent thin black horizontal lines at differing positions on the monitor. On the ground they often are accompanied by a stutter at the same time. In the air either not so much or not as noticeable, Is there someplace in my MSFS or Nvidia settings that I should be looking? Thanks

Does this only happen when using MSFS?

Yes, although I don’t play a lot of graphics intensive games.

Please confirm whether you possible mean this:

Nope, not my issue. I don’t have the issue described here. It’s not related to scenery but something to do with the graphics as it happens in any scenery environment and the lines goes through the cockpit.

can you made a screenshot which show these kind of black line ?

Probably vsync tearing

It’s too quick to get an actual screen shot of it but it looks just like this. I should also that this happens even when the program is loading but not for example, in the world map.

hmmm… in the good old days I possible had said it is a issue with the graphicscard :relaxed: :thinking:

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Hi @GalacticVoice31,
What is:

  1. Your GPU model?
  2. If nVidia, are you using any custom setting in it?
  3. What size is your monitor?
  4. In MSFS options for Graphics, what do you have set for Rendering?

Try a different cable.

he made a screenshot, not a photo :slight_smile: … so, another cable is unfortunately not the solution.

It’s a 1070 GPU with a Gigabyte 27" gaming monitor. I’ve reset all settings to default both in the nvidia control panel and in the sim. I’ve tried both high and medium rendering settings. No settings that I have found make a difference.

Sorry, I meant resolution, not size. :crazy_face:

What I wanted to know is if your monitor default resolution is the same as what it says for Render Scaling in MSFS.

Yes, it’s the same. 2560sx1440 in both cases.

have you allready checked other games or a performance/test tool which bring your GPU bit under load ?

You have the same GPU I have. Has MSFS always had that line?

I think you should try what @MichaMMA just wrote, run a GPU load test. And it was mentioned above about trying a different cable or maybe trying another port on either the GPU or monitor.

I’m still not sure what caused the problem but I switched my connection from displayport to HDMI and the problem went away. Now the question is what (if anything) I lose by using HDMI?

I assume for MSFS is FPS not so relevant. Depend on your monitor you lost possible the FreeSync Feature. If you have GSync: the GTX10xx not support Hdmi over GSync, so far I know.

It might be interessting what the issue is. Is the port defect, or cause a setting this black line, or is it because gpu-load ( is your monitor hdmi port limited in FPS ? ) , etc… :thinking:

I have the same: thin black line runni g across the monitor in FS only.