Third Party Online Network Setting Button

When connecting to a third party online network such as VATSIM, IVAO, or PilotEdge, users need different settings to make the simulator work correctly on these networks.

Some of these assistance settings such as “delegate ATC to AI” and “ATC Voices” and others can have a dramatically negative impact on third-party network users who are not aware of them which leads to confusion. This then causes issues on third party networks. These settings must be turned off for a successful experience. Some of these settings are buried within sub-menus or otherwise hard to find. An easily found and clickable button that configures the sim for use for third party networks would make the simulator easier to use on third party networks and ensure all members have their simulator correctly configured to participate.

These are the settings that would need to be hardcoded in such a mode:
Multiplayer: VATSIM / IVAO / Pilotedge (etc) [the button]
Air Traffic: Off
Weather & Time: Time variable but altimeter and winds/temps must be set to real world.
Delegate ATC to AI: off
ATC Voices: off
AI Aircraft Traffic Type: Off (Random static traffic is confused for online traffic)

This will be really helpful, especially since as stated, its hard and a bit annoying to have to constantly switch between the settings whenever logging onto a network or not. Hope a "virtual ATC network’ or something along those line buttons does come true!


Exactly. I second this. I needed this feature for a while now. Hope it comes very soon…

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I find the weather / Baro / wind would be a massive deal for us msfs users, as when the controller gives you the info to punch in but the weather breaks and you end up with 1013/2992 and clear skies… 100% a vote from me


Have my vote for it!


Seems to ne a great add !

I’ve moved your topic out of Bugs & Issues and into Wishlist.

Hear hear! Agree, this would increase interest amongst regular VATSIM simmers

Agreed! It will be very useful, and would make sense, considering VATSIM is an official MSFS partner. Perhaps it could be integrated into vPilot, where vPilot could enable that setting automatically. And maybe using MSFS multiplayer for friends also connected to VATSIM to enjoy better refresh rate for formation flying? aaanddd maybe… well I’ll stop before I get too crazy…


Very very helpful !

A must have

Since these settings are exposed in the SDK, it makes more sense for the connecting clients to set/unset them rather than host.


Yes please. +1

Yes please. +1

I agree!

I also agree with this!

Great idea, but I think an easier way would be the ability to set these via SimConnect variables, then the pilot client can do these automatically.


This feature is VERY needed!

I think it would make more sense to have vPilot automatically make these changes for us. Through SimConnect, vPilot could read the current settings, save them in a file or in ram somewhere, and apply the VatSim settings once connected. Then once the user disconnects vPilot could reset their settings to what it saved earlier.


This is an absolutely important feature - and one that should not be difficult to implement too.