This game has become a mess on xbox

I’ve been reading the threads lambasting the game and to be honest thought it was a little overkill. But having played on it today and put a little time in I have to agree this game is a mess on Xbox anyway which is the platform I’m on.

I’m not sure who has been testing this patch but they haven’t done a very good job.

A few things I’m seeing:

On a small flight from Fort Lauderdale to Miami International, I have:

Lots and lots of micro stutter. It’s terrible in fact. In the previous update it was there but minimal. On these short hops back and forth it’s happening every few seconds and it’s jarring. When panning the camera on the outside it’s poor, it’s even worse in the cab.

I’m also still getting pop in at airports. Statics, jetways and other bits of scenery are popping in.

Air traffic online is also jarring, you can see the stutter happen whilst the real world traffic is on.

Night time is completely broken. When I took off from Miami there were two buildings with shoddy looking lights, everything else was like 28 days later.

The game looks phenomenal but issues persist and again I now have the added annoyance of micro stutter which is giving me a headache. I’ve tried turning online on and off, restarting console, deleting cache and nothing has worked so far.

Cmon Asobo there really is no need for this to be happening. Can we get it sorted please?


Totally agree with comments above and I’m also on series x. After WU6 I’m getting more freezing on loading into a flight, more popping in/stutter when panning and flying with the scenery and it was there before but now worse. Missing jetways but this is on add on scenery.
It could be just me as I stopped flying for 3 weeks and just picked up again now after this update but it seems the actual graphics quality is not as good as before and not sure if anyone else thinks this or it could be just my mind.
Up until now I had not come here and complained but it is starting to go from bad to worse unfortunately. I know it’s a mammoth task but the ironic thing is on launch day for me it was nion perfect with no issues.
Please focus on fixes/updates rather than more addons and world updates.


I’ve not seen any stutters or glitches (haven’t had a CTD in 3 weeks) and the world looks just as good as when I started flying a month ago.

But I don’t have the AI Traffic on, maybe it’s that? :thinking:

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Same here. It’s a mess. I think it was better on release day by a huge margin. I had way less stuttering and FPS issues on July 27th-28th. Also the terrain pop in and morphing is so distracting.

Also, I have multiplayer traffic and AI traffic off. I also have a 500mbps connection. So those aren’t the issue.


I’ve tried all scenarios to be honest and it’s a complete mystery. I have a very good internet connection and even deleted all my other games on the Xbox so plenty of hard drive space so I’ve no idea. 100% it was much better on launch day.
Glad it’s good though for you and gives us hope :blush:


Yep I have a good internet connection too. In the daytime Miami looked as good as ever but the micro stutter is grating terribly. I flew from cologne to Frankfurt yesterday and that was ok but then it wasn’t as built up as Miami is with buildings.

I’m stumped.

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I had a problem with the screen going black while loading immediately after the install so switched off the Xbox x and restarted. Since then everything has been absolutely perfect, great scenery and no glitches.

I’ve just flown Zurich to Basel with no problems after a good reboot. Gonna try Miami again.

Reboot on Xbox is not simply restarting console is it? Or do you need to hold the button down on the actual console or something I believe?

Yeah an actual restart not just turning it off and on again. I usually just choose restart console.

So I’ve just flew Miami again. Still micro stutter but definitely not as a bad. Also Fort Lauderdales jetways decided to turn up! And as an extra bonus some real world traffic were parked and got connected to them. Haven’t seen that for ages!

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Night lighting on the ground is bugged, that’s my only problem.


That’s fantastic news! Makes you wonder if it has anything to do with servers the issues we are getting. Will have to try playing at weird and wonderful times and make a note.
Jeez people in another thread saying is it a sim or is it a game and neither - it’s a bloody headache right now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Ha ha so it is!

To be fair those airports by lfvr are really good especially if you catch them in a sale. They always have some nice statics with branded planes and stuff. Both Miami and Fort Lauderdale are decent if you can get them cheap

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Hello everyone,

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Tried flight tonight
Game keeps freezing then kicking me of Xbox x series, so much for the update Microsoft.
Completely ripoff just now.
Get this sorted as you guys have had enough time.

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Yep sorry wasn’t meant to go in here, apologies.


Sure there will be a hotfix at some point, hopefully in a few days.

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That’s the only issue that I’m experiencing since the latest release.

Not having any issues with stutters while flying or panning the camera?

For the people having stuttering issues do you have VRR enabled and connected to a screen that has VRR capabilities? The reason I ask is that I found having VRR enabled on my Xbox connected to my OLED I would get stuttering while panning the camera on SU5. I’ve not updated my other Series X yet which is connected to my OLED. My other series X which is connected to a non VRR screen is very smooth

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I do agree that the sim is a bit of a mess at the moment on Xbox.

Since the World Update I’ve been flying back and forth across Lake Superior tracking down the “Jack of All Planes” achievement. Not a lot of dense scenery along the north shore, but I have noticed a tiny bit more stuttering. Mostly on approach.

Flying at night is out of the question at the moment. But I don’t think it’s just a nighttime issue. Approaching Duluth, an area I’m very familiar with, I was momentarily thrown off when I could not find the Approach Lights.

And while not a new problem, they really need to fix Cursor Mode. If the cursor is visible, the left stick should be disconnected from the flight controls. And why is a mouse only useful on planes with a touchscreen?

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PC and Xbox…maybe, if its possible, they have two totally separate versions available…I know its been discussed before…but I can’t find a response from MS/Asobo…just a thought!!!